Wednesday 18 April 2012

Prague III

In the Castle, I found particulary interesting the walk in the Golden Lane.

From Prague 2012

This small street of historic houses dates from the 15th century.

From Prague 2012

There we can buy souvenirs, snacks and drinks.

From Prague 2012

The Golden Lane was originally known as the Goldsmith's Lane, due to the many goldsmiths residing here.

From Prague 2012

In the Castle, another interesting point is the oldest city's vineyard.

From Prague 2012

The Castle is the perfect place to be if we want to enjoy great panoramics of Prague.

From Prague 2012

Again some images from Lisbon crossed my mind, seeing these white houses.
From Prague 2012

It was already evening when we crossed Charles bridge again.

From Prague 2012

Arriving in the other side of the Vitava river on our way to the Old Town Square, I felt once more in Lisbon, more precisely, in the Downtown, on the way to Praça do Comércio, coming from Rua da Alfândega, or going to the Rua do Arsenal...

From Prague 2012

(to be continued)


Unknown said...

Beautiful! I am sure I'd like to walk down the Golden Lane as well; it's so picturesque!
The views from the castle are just gorgeous.
Without having ever been to Lisbon I can see the resemblance that you mention.
Prague is a very beautiful city, now I want to visit it even more!

Margarida Elias said...

Praga é linda! Bjs!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear Sandra,

This is so stunning. I only WISH to see Prague one day, for I understand that it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL medieval cities in the world.

Your kind comment speaks volumes to me. I must dash off to work at the moment, but I wanted to stop by to give you a virtual hug and thanks. Anita

restlessjo said...

The comparisons with Lisbon certainly hold true. Thanks for such a close perspective on Prague Sandra. I doubt I'll get there but with these photos maybe I don't need to.

Sara said...

Tens razão, há por lá umas pinceladas lisboetas :)) Mas acredito que a luz de Lisboa continue a ser irreplicável.
Beijinhos e uma excelente semana!

ana said...

As fotografias estão lindas. Deu-me vontade de ir a Praga.