Friday, 15 July 2011

Fofinho at the Dierenkliniek

From Coisas Minhas

On this entry I told you what was necessary to bring my cat by plane from Portugal to the Netherlands. On today's entry I will tell you how it was his first visit to the vet.

Fofinho is in the Netherlands since September 2008. However, only last month I went to the veterinary clinic (dierenkliniek) to make an appointment with the vet and to ask how I could change Fofinho's chip data.

The recepcionist said I should send an email to the Portuguese organisation SIRA/SNMV (Sistema de Identificação e Registo Animal/Sindicato Nacional dos Médicos Veterinários) to change my cat's data. So I did, without extra costs, and now, my name, my new address, my email and my phone number are there. I've already received a confirmation letter. As you may remember my cat came with my mother and so the chip had her information, not mine.

On our first meeting with the vet, Fofinho did a general check-up (heart, weight, eyes, ears, hair and teeth).
Fofinho was ok. In fact, he lost some weight (3 kg). I think it's his daily walkings in the street. We live in a quiet, clean and safe street, so I feel more confident to let him leave.
Fofinho also took as a routine procedure a vaccine (vaccin) to protect him against different kinds of health problems and a tablet (tablet) for the treatment (behandeling) of mixed infections (infecties) with worms (wormen).

However, he needed to do a surgery (chirurgie) to remove a tooth (tand). I made another appointment. The surgery went well. Fofinho has received an anesthesia (anesthesie) and stayed all day long with the vet. The following two days he was a bit dizzy, but it was all.

On the first appointment I paid € 66.77 and for the second one I paid € 160.61. That means between the expenses to bring Fofinho from Portugal and the medical costs I spent almost € 500. So, if you are portuguese, you wish to live here and you want to bring your cat, this is more or less what you may spend.

I must say I had to spend € 61 more on the following week because Fofinho had a problem with one of his legs. He couldn't walk properly. He went to the dierenkliniek again and the vet said it was probably a fight with another cat. Fofinho took a medicine (geneesmiddel) for the pain (pijn) and now he is ok and walking again.


Invader Stu said...

Awww. Fofinho is so cute. I love cats.

ana said...

As peripécias que passou para levar o Fofinho. É um lindo gato de pelo europeu.
Quando gostamos deles fazemos tudo. Também já gastei muito dinheiro no veterinário com o meu gato Francisco, ele cegou de um dos olhitos, apesar disso continua bonito. Tenho que colocar uma fotografia dele inteiro. Com a gatinha só gastei na operação e nas vacinas.
Mas quando eles estão mal nós sofremos também.

Festinhas para o Fofinho.
Bjs. :)

Presépio no Canal said...

@ Stu: Thanks! :-)) He is indeed very cute!! :-)

@Ana: Eu sou muito apegada ao meu gato. Ja esta comigo ha 14 anos. E o meu melhor amigo. Fiquei tao nervosa quando o vi a coxear que nem consegui leva-lo a clinica. Teve de ser o meu marido. Ele tinha-se deitado bem, mas de manha estava a coxear muito. Va la que a clinica abria as 8.30 e e aqui proximo.
Francisco e um bonito nome! Vou querer ver essa foto de corpo inteiro. :-)
Gosto tanto de gatos!
Festinhas aos seus gatitos tambem! :-) Eu vi as fotos que publicou! Sao muito queridos!

Margarida Elias said...

O teu gato é mesmo Fofinho!! Boa sorte!

Presépio no Canal said...

@Margarida: Obrigada! :-) Ele e muito meigo e dengoso, como se diz no Brasil! ;-))

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Goede Morgen mijn vriendin! DANK U VOOR coming to visit me! And you cat is just darling. He has endured much, but he is well-loved, we can see. I like him!!!

Having a good day? We have much rain, but it is so beautiful! MANY HUGS..Anita

Presépio no Canal said...

@Hi, Anita! Here much rain during the week!
It was good for my hortensias! :-))
Only yesterday we enjoyed a glorious sun, but today it is cold and rainy again...Besitos!!! :-)