Sunday, 28 February 2010

Eleições Locais nos Paises Baixos:Diferenças em relação a Portugal

Eleições Locais nos Paises Baixos, 3 de Marco de 2010/ Local Elections in the Netherlands 3th March 2010

From Coisas Minhas

1. Vocabulário Essencial:


verkiezing – eleições


gemeenteraad-conselho municipal


stempas-cartão de eleitor


stemlokalen-locais de voto



vervangende- substituto


verblijfsdocument-visto de permanência


volmachtbewijs –procuração (para que outro possa votar por nos)


2.Diferenças em relação a Portugal

2.1 As eleições realizam-se num dia de semana.

Woensdag 3 maart 2010
Quarta-feira, 3 de Março de 2010

2.2 O horário é mais alargado.

Wanneer kunt u stemmen?/ Quando pode votar?

U kunt stemmen van 7.30 uur tot 21.00 uur.
Pode votar das 7.30 as 21.00 horas.

2.3 O cartao de eleitor ( ou passe para votar) chega-nos a casa com os nossos dados pessoais e a indicação do local mais próximo da nossa vizinhança onde podemos votar. Contudo, podemos fazê-lo em qualquer dos locais disponiveis da autarquia.

Waar kunt u stemmen? / Onde pode votar?
U kunt met deze stempas uw stem uitbregen in alle stemlokalen in uw gemeente.

2.4 O cartão de eleitor indica também um site, neste caso,, onde estão indicadas todas as moradas e horários dos locais de voto da autarquia...

Adressen en openingtijden van stemlokalen vindt u op:

...e a morada do local onde podemos pedir um cartao de eleitor substituto, no nosso caso,

afdeling Burgerzaken, Stadhuisplein 1

2.5 Para votar e necessário além deste cartão, um documento de identificação, que poderá ser:

gelding paspoort-passaporte valido;

identiteitskaart-bilhete de identidade;

rijbewijs - carta de condução

2.6 O verso do cartão de eleitor destina-se a ser preenchido pela pessoa que vai votar por nós, caso não possamos fazê-lo. Essa pessoa deverá fazer-se acompanhar por uma cópia do nosso documento de identificação. O verso do cartão de eleitor funciona como uma procuração (volmachtbewijs) onde são registados o nome, morada e localidade da pessoa autorizada e as assinaturas desta e do autor da procuracao.

Para mais informacoes, há um site disponível:

From Coisas Minhas

3. Partidos/Partijen

Estes são os principais:

Christen Democratisch Appèl (CDA). É o partido de centro-direita.

Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA). É o partido social-democrata.

Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD). É o partido conservador-liberal.

D66. É o partido de centro-esquerda.

Para mais informações, sugiro a leitura deste artigo em inglês:

Aqui poderão encontrar uma lista de todos os partidos e os links para os respectivos sites.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Portuguese China Vista Alegre at Blokker's stores

Great news!

Portuguese China Vista Alegre at Blokker's stores!!

From Coisas Minhas

Vista Alegre is a very important china brand in Portugal. The factory was established in 19th century by Jose Ferreira Pinto Basto.

He began by acquiring, in 1812, the ‘Quinta da Ermida’ (Chapel Estate), near the town of Ílhavo on the edge of the Aveiro estuary.
Shortly afterwards he also bought the surrounding lands which included the Vista Alegre Estate, with a Palace, a Chapel and various buildings around a large square, having ordered the construction of the factory.

The warrant that authorized the functioning of the Vista Alegre Factory was granted in 1824 by D. João VI, giving as benefit “all the favours, privileges and independence that are enjoyed or will be enjoyed in the future, by the National Factories”, and having the founder associating to the factory his fifteen children, becoming the company entitled “Ferreira Pinto & Filhos”.
Just five years later Vista Alegre received the title of Royal Factory, in recognition of its art and industrial success.

If you visit Vista Alegre site (there is an english version), you will see many and beautiful table sets options... Classic, Casual, Contemporary and Premium.

The best, of course, is a Vista Alegre Tour and visiting the factory, the museum, the palace and the chapel ;-)

Nearby, is the beautiful city of Aveiro... with water canals, by the way...:-) where you can enjoy a very special boat trip...
Enjoy, if you go to Portugal this summer!

Have a nice weekend! ;-)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Until the next meeting, Aledys ;-)

I had this kind of feeling...that we know each other not from now, but from other ages...

Maybe from the seventien century... ;-)

From Amersfoort

We prefer dark beer to pilsener, but most of all we prefer to drink red wine...
We don't like to use watches...we see the hours in the mobile phone...;-)
We don't like to live only for the work...we already have been there...
We dont't have great crafty skills, but we want to improve a little bit...
We like to enter in bookstores...and bring many, many books...
We like to visit historical places, photograph them...and today we did it together... Amersfoort...

where we arrived by train, not by bike..;-)

From Amersfoort

around lunch time...

From Amersfoort

During our stroll, we have searched for good terraces...:-)

From Amersfoort

We opened our souls to each other and we found out that we share some live stories...:-)

From Amersfoort

She is a very strong girl... for example, she crossed an Ocean to share her life with her soulmate in a completely different country...

From Amersfoort

Her smile has a very special light...

From Amersfoort

She is a very sensitive and interesting I could see when I opened her soul's door a little bit...:-)

From Amersfoort

We were two girls in a medieval city...

From Amersfoort

We crossed old and new paths...I enjoyed it very much, I must say ;-)

From Amersfoort


Until the next meeting, Aledys ;-) See you soon...;-)

From Amersfoort

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Granny's: the best appeltaart of the Netherlands...

For me, the best appeltaart of the Netherlands is from Granny''s my favourite one...:-)

From Coisas Minhas

The store in Almere...but you can find also in Assen, Groningen, Purmerend, Vlaardingen and Doetinchem.

From Coisas Minhas

From Coisas Minhas

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Weerwater, Snow, 2010

24 januari 2010, Weerwater, Almere

From Almere (III)

Nearby the Hospital...

From Almere (III)

The Apollo Hotel...

From Almere (III)

The playground...

From Almere (III)

Remember january 2009?

The Snow in Beatrix Park, Almere

The Snow in Beatrix Park, Almere

24 january 2010

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

Remember in Autumn? ;-)

My Cat in the Snow

In the Backyard (achtertuin)...

My Cat in the Snow ... ;-) So cute!!!

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Utrecht, 4 de Fevereiro de 2010

From rehello

Half way between Rotterdam and Almere, I had my first meeting with a blogger friend: Arwa, an Indian Expat, living in Rotterdam and the author of the blog Orangesplaash :-)

A lovely meeting, I must say ;-)

We had a stroll in the historic center of the city. The beautiful photos are from Arwa ;-) I forgot my camera at home, do you believe that?!!! Such an important occasion and I forgot my camera...oh, dear...

From rehello

Arwa was very sweet ;-) We agree that she could take me fotos without publish them on her blog. I'm a very discrete person and I want to keep my privacy, without people recognizing me in the street, " Oh, Sandra from Presepio, bla, bla"....I'm a shy person and I don't feel confortable with it. She understood perfectly, very sweet ;-)

I must say when I started this blog, I never taught I would meet someone by the internet. It was my first blog and I hadn't any kind of experience of social networks. Email and research on the internet were my previous experiences in the World Wide Web, nothing more...

Nowadays, I feel more confortable to meet people by internet, from other countries, with a different mindset, with whom I can share expat experiences ;-)

Arwa is a recent follower of Presepio and since the beginning I like her positive and cheerful comments :-)

When we met, we talked about several issues, and once again, I liked her non- judgemental attitude and her respect for each one choices. Heel goed!

I wanted to write this post sooner, but I was very tired, and special posts, I don't like to write in a hurry way ;-)

Arwa, thank's again for our meeting in Utrecht ...and to save my files ;-) Dank u wel!

(Her blog has got very useful information about expat life ;-) I think you will like it...;-)

Beijinhos para ti, Arwa ;-)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Expat Life: My Experience with the Dutch Health System

As you already noticed, I have been away. This week I have been with a serious cold.

So, I stayed in bed for two days, taking paracetamol, eating soup, drinking orange juice and tea with honey. The first day was terrible with pains all over my body, fever, headaches, expectoration, etc...
Only on the third day I felt well enough to visit my doctor. In my opinion, my immune system was not well because I was very tired with the low temperatures and the many travels during these weeks.

As you already know, in the Netherlands, we must have a family doctor (huisarts) at the health center (gezondheidscentrum) of our neighbourhood (wijk). It is not my case.  I usually go to the International Health Center in Den Haag.

The approach to the patient is more similar to the portuguese one. In my opinion, we are more careful in certain issues. I'm used to do a regular check-up each year, for example.

I like the organization and the good conditions of the public health system in the Netherlands, but I don't like the way the doctors approach to the patient . On the other hand, "below the sea level", there is no private practice as in Portugal, except for dentists, psychologists and complementary medicine. Unhappy with previous situations here and feeling with no options, I began to look for an alternative and a solution to my problem: a doctor that I could trust. And I found it at IHCH!

Yesterday, I went there because of my cold and tiredness. The doctor measured my blood pressure and checked my weight, my heart sounds, my stomach, my throat and ears and asked me to do blood tests to check my immune system and my thyroid. Very professional!

I remember the first time I visited my Dutch huisarts in a normal Dutch health center. I had been feeling very tired for some time and I asked for several exams. She just told me to rest, saying that 90% of the causes to be tired are psycological and I just had a huge change of life, and that 10% are physical ones. My question was how could she know if I was in the 90% or in the 10% without a general check-up and the proper exams? She just said to me if I got worse to come there again.

After a while, I began to have several pains and I went to the Hospital but they didn't make me any exams and just sent me back to the health center. My family doctor was not there and another huisarts took care of the situation. He asked for a specific exam but I needed to wait 3 weeks for the results and he refused to give me something for the pains. Later on, I found out I had a dangerous bacteria. I needed to do a strong treatment with a type of penicillin. However, I am allergic to it, as I had wrote in my dossier and I thought it was register in the computer. So, I had problems again.
After these stories, I decided to look for a solution. I found it in a blog. My solution was IHCH.

Ai IHCH we can ask for a normal anual check-up and get it!!

They listen to you carefully :-)

Until now, nobody said to me " The appointment is only 10 minutes and if you need more time, you must schedule two appointments."

You can find English, French, Spanish, Dutch, even Arabic speaking doctors.

I remember once in the hospital a conversation with a "very nice doctor": "You don't speak Dutch, that is a huge problem!". I said to her I was learning the language and that Dutch was not an easy language. "I will speak in Dutch. When you don't understand, just ask, I wil translate it in English." And I said: "No! My Dutch is level A1 and this is a health issue. I don't know medical words in Dutch! It is my health, I am concerned with it and I don't need to be more anxious with this situation."

IHCH also has complementary medicines as homeopathy, Alexander tecnique and acupuncture.

I remember the first time I asked my huisarts about homeopathy and acupuncture. She told me she didn't believe in that. I didn't ask her if she believed or not. I just asked her where I could get an appointment for it. As far as I know, WHO ( World Health Organization) recognizes the benefits of acupuncture.) Sometimes, I do acupuncture here, in Almere! It is so good to relax! I don't like to take pills. I prefer to get my balance in a more natural way! And I am very pleased with my dear E.

My gynaecology appointments are also in IHCH. My doctor is very good and I can do my annual eco and pap test with him, with no need to go first to the huisarts. Heel Goed!

And you? What is your story with the Dutch Health System? Do you want to share it? Giving extra information, corrections, etc...? Please, do!

Have a nice weekend! ;-)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Confesso que fui ver o filme por causa da voz do Mark Srong (gostei muito dele no Body of Lies, voz e... presenca ;-)...

e vim agradavelmente bem-disposta e satisfeita com o filme...ia assim reticente, porque o meu Sherlock sera sempre o Jeremy Brett...

gostei da realizacao do Guy Ritchie...

do Jude Law como Dr Watson...

e do Robert Downey Jr como Sherlock Holmes... em certos momentos, fez-me lembrar o Jeremy Brett, com mais accao, claro, mas aqui e ali, lembrou-me algumas expressoes do actor na famosa serie televisiva...gostei, gostei...;-)

Ha duas semanas ja...o tempo voa...

Entretanto, encontrei no Youtube, este tributo ao Jeremy Brett...achei bonito e decidi partilhar ;-)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Art Blog Talent Award

A special award...

From Selos Presepio

Because when I visit their blogs, I just feel happier, lighter, cheerful...I smile and I just want to dance and sing...

To these great artists, cheerful and sweet women...

To the tender and sweet Anita:

Castles, Crowns and Cottages

Ecrire au Fil de la Plume

To the cheerful and playful Dutchess:

The Dutchess

To the helpful and friendly Margarida:

Memorias e Imagens

Ilustracao Antiga

Tres Geracoes (blogue colectivo)

Thank you, my friends for all the joy I feel when I visit you! ;-)


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lisboa e Fado por Tessa de Loo

We have been travelling around in the south of Portugal according to the words of Tessa de Loo and my photos of the places that she visited: Evora, Monsaraz, Tavira and Sintra.

Today we go to Lisbon, Portugal's capital, the city where I lived, studied and worked before I came to the Nederlands.


Tessa de Loo begins her story about Lisbon with the well known earthquake of 1755. If you want to know more about it, please click here.

"In 1755 werd Lissabon voor tachtig procent verwoest door een aardbeving, die gevolgd werd door een Tsunami: eerst trok de zee zich terug en keken de mensen op de kade geboeid naar de talloze scheepswrakken die nu bloot lagen, totdat tien minuten later huizenhoge golven zich over hen en de stad stortten."

(Tessa de Loo, Mijn Portugal)

About this beautiful city, let me point out some special places...

Castelo de Sao Jorge, Saint George Castle

From Portugal

" a Portuguese castle that occupies a commanding position overlooking the city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and the broad Tagus River (Rio Tejo) beyond. The strongly-fortified citadel, which, in its present configuration, dates from medieval times, is located atop the highest hill in the historic center of the city. The castle is one of the main historical and touristic sites of Lisbon."

(From Wikipedia)

Rio Tejo/Tagus River e Praca do Comercio

From Portugal

" the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula. It measures 1,038 kilometers in length, 716 km of which are in Spain, 47 km as border between Portugal and Spain and the remaining 275 km in Portugal, where it empties into the Atlantic at Lisbon."

(From Wikipedia)

" The Praça do Comércio (...) English: Commerce Square) is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Situated near the Tagus river, the square is still commonly known as Terreiro do Paço (...) ( English: Palace Square), because it was the location of the Paços da Ribeira (Royal Ribeira Palace) until it was destroyed by the great 1755 Lisbon Earthquake. After the earthquake, the square was completely remodelled as part of the rebuilding of the Pombaline Downtown, ordered by the Marquis of Pombal."

(From Wikipedia)

Ponte 25 de Abril/ 25 de Abril Bridge (the view from the Castle)

From Portugal

" The 25 de Abril Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril "25th of April Bridge" (...) is a suspension bridge connecting the city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, to the municipality of Almada on the left bank of the Tejo river. It was inaugurated on August 6, 1966 and a train platform was added in 1999. Because of its similar coloring, it is often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. In fact, it was built by the same company (American Bridge Company) that constructed the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and not the Golden Gate, also explaining its similarity in design. With a total length of 2,277 m, it is the 20th largest suspension bridge in the world. The upper platform carries six car lanes, the lower platform two train tracks. Until 1974, the bridge was named Salazar Bridge."

(From Wikipedia)

Torre de Belem (janela)/ Torre de Belem window (Manuelino style)

From Portugal

" Belém Tower (in Portuguese Torre de Belém (...) is a fortified tower located in the Belém district of Lisbon, Portugal, and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site (along with the nearby Jerónimos Monastery)[2] because it represents the Portuguese maritime discoveries during the era of the Age of Discoveries.[3] The tower was commissioned by King John II[4] to be both part of a defense system at the mouth of the Tagus River and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon.[3]
The tower was built in the early sixteenth century and is a prominent example of the Portuguese Manueline style,[5] but it also incorporates hints of other architectural styles.[6] The structure was built from lioz limestone[7] and is composed of a bastion and the 30 meter (100 foot),[1] four story tower. It has incorrectly been stated that the tower was built in the middle of the Tagus and now sits near the shore because the river was redirected after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. In fact, the tower was built on a small island in the Tagus River near the Lisbon shore.[6][8"

(From Wikipedia)

Have you ever heard about Manuelino Style?

" The Manueline, or Portuguese late Gothic is the sumptuous, composite Portuguese style of architectural ornamentation of the first decades of the 16th century, incorporating maritime elements and representations of the discoveries brought from the voyages of Vasco da Gama and Pedro Álvares Cabral.
This innovative style synthesizes aspects of Late Gothic architecture with influences of Spanish Plateresque style, downtown Italian, and Flemish elements. It marks the transition from Late Gothic to Renaissance. The construction of churches and monasteries in Manueline was largely financed by proceeds of the lucrative spice trade with Africa and India."

(From Wikipedia)

Tessa de Loo also refers Manuelino Style...

" Dankzij de koloniale rijkdommen uit het verleden is er een elegante, eigen architectuur ontstaan – een Portugese variant van de Barok en later van Art Deco. Tot in de uithoeken het land vind je paleizen, kerken, kathedralen en landhuizen in deze typisch Portugese stijl, maar ook pittoreske steden en dorpen, nogal eens in een staat van verval die weemoed oproept naar vervlogen tijden… geen onprettig gevoel eigenlijk, als je er op een zonnig terras met een glas vinho verde in de hand over kunt mijmeren." well as Fado, the typical portuguese music and song, unique in the world.

" Zo is het ook met de fado. Hoewel door sommige fadistos tot een kunst verheven, is de fado vooral de muziek van het volk gebleven. Overal in het land vind je plaatselijke bekendheden en als je in een restaurant zit kan het zomaar gebeuren dat iemand opstaat (de kruidenier of apotheker van het stadje) om, de handen plechtig gekruist op de buik, een fado ten gehore te brengen."

Have you already heard a Fado from Amalia Rodrigues, Carlos do Carmo, Mariza, Cristina Branco or Dulce Pontes?

As we say in Portugal: "Silencio! Vai-se cantar o Fado!" or " Silence! Fado will be sung!"

Carlos do Carmo, Lisboa Menina e Moca

Carlos do Carmo, Os Putos

Carlos do Carmo, Um Homem na Cidade

(to be continued)