Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Utrecht, 4 de Fevereiro de 2010

From rehello

Half way between Rotterdam and Almere, I had my first meeting with a blogger friend: Arwa, an Indian Expat, living in Rotterdam and the author of the blog Orangesplaash :-)

A lovely meeting, I must say ;-)

We had a stroll in the historic center of the city. The beautiful photos are from Arwa ;-) I forgot my camera at home, do you believe that?!!! Such an important occasion and I forgot my camera...oh, dear...

From rehello

Arwa was very sweet ;-) We agree that she could take me fotos without publish them on her blog. I'm a very discrete person and I want to keep my privacy, without people recognizing me in the street, " Oh, Sandra from Presepio, bla, bla"....I'm a shy person and I don't feel confortable with it. She understood perfectly, very sweet ;-)

I must say when I started this blog, I never taught I would meet someone by the internet. It was my first blog and I hadn't any kind of experience of social networks. Email and research on the internet were my previous experiences in the World Wide Web, nothing more...

Nowadays, I feel more confortable to meet people by internet, from other countries, with a different mindset, with whom I can share expat experiences ;-)

Arwa is a recent follower of Presepio and since the beginning I like her positive and cheerful comments :-)

When we met, we talked about several issues, and once again, I liked her non- judgemental attitude and her respect for each one choices. Heel goed!

I wanted to write this post sooner, but I was very tired, and special posts, I don't like to write in a hurry way ;-)

Arwa, thank's again for our meeting in Utrecht ...and to save my files ;-) Dank u wel!

(Her blog has got very useful information about expat life ;-) I think you will like it...;-)

Beijinhos para ti, Arwa ;-)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

SANDRA! What a blessing to meet up with a blogger!! And I have had the pleasure of conversing with this young woman as well through blogging! I have had dreams of meeting blogger pals....how wonderful that you had this chance!

Many wishes for a wonderful week! Anita

Aledys Ver said...

I'm glad to hear you two had a nice time together. It's great to get to meet people with whom you have much in common (blog, expat, experience of living in a foreign country) and still, are very different (different backgrounds, country, language, etc.)
Have a nice day!

Orangesplaash said...

Its so lovely to read about our meeting in your words and look at it through your eyes. Thanks Sandra for such a wonderful post. Looking forward to many more such meet ups. Remember our next plan :) Also hope that you are feeling better now. Take care.

Thanks Anita. Its been lovely getting to know you through your blog. I simply love the pics on your blog!!

thamarai said...

Its a great treat! Was wonderful to read about your experience..Perhaps we can have a meet with several bloggers perhaps? It would be great..Its such a nice way to get to know about different cultures..

Presépio no Canal said...

Excellent idea, Thamarai :-) Arwa and I, we have already thought about it by the spring:-)
But if you want, we can meet first, somewhere between Eindhoven and Almere ;-)
Beijinhos ;-)

Anonymous said...

Que bom parece ter sido esse encontro! Desejo que dele nasça uma amizade enriquecedora para ambas. beijinhos e as melhoras.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sandra ma belle,

Please come by when you have a chance. I mention you in my "Dutch Masters" post today!

Bisous, Anita