Friday, 26 October 2012

Alcochete and the Doces da Vila

Nearby the most important church of Alcochete (the Igreja Matriz),

From Férias Portugal 2012

I have found the delicious toasts and pastries of "Doces da Vila" (Town Sweets)...

From Férias Portugal 2012

My friends took me there telling me that I would enjoy it very much. And so I did! The toasts, for example, are quite and absolutely delicious! Do you see the photo below? Can you believe they call this big toast a half toast?! True!

From Férias Portugal 2012

The quality of the pastry also pleased me very much.The photo below was taken by my friends. On the left side, a pastel de nata, and on the right side, a Doce da Vila. They smelled and tasted really, really good!

From Férias Portugal 2012

If you want to go there, the address is Rua Beato Manuel Rodrigues, nr 9, a street nearby the Miradouro Amália Rodrigues, behind the Igreja Matriz.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini-trip to Alcochete!
If you go there, I'm sure you'll have a splendid day!
A stroll in the morning by the river, taking pictures of the ancient streets and the typical fisherman boats...
A delicious grilled fresh fish in one of the many terraces located in the town's historical center...
A lazy afternoon in the Windmills beach (Praia dos Moinhos)...
An exciting evening in Freeport, the biggest outlet in Europe...
There is plenty to do in Alcochete!
Have fun there!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Alcochete, Lisbon and the Tagus River

Lisbon from the River Tagus South Bank...

Miradouro Amália Rodrigues (belvedere) in the historical town of Alcochete....

From Férias Portugal 2012

Next to the church of Our Lady of Life - for me, the most beautiful corner and turnabout of Setúbal Península....

From Férias Portugal 2012

In the Tagus, some fishing boats...Lisbon behind...

From Férias Portugal 2012

On the right side of the photo, the church of Our Lady of Life. This photo was taken in front of Rossio, a beautiful garden area in Alcochete with a fantastic view of Lisbon...

A very nice place for a stroll in the morning....

From Férias Portugal 2012

or during the sunset...

From Férias Portugal 2012

Lisbon by sunset... and the Ponte Cais (bridge peer) in Alcochete...

From Férias Portugal 2012
I think the biggest boat is Fragata Alcatejo....

From Férias Portugal 2012
Rossio in Alcochete by night...

From Férias Portugal 2012

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Holidays in Portugal

I almost wasn't able to go to Portugal last September. My cat Fofinho has been very ill,demanding constant care and attention. This time, we couldn't ask our neighbors to take care of him. Too much work and responsibility...

So, my husband stayed here with him and I managed to go to Portugal  to visit my mother, the family and a couple of  friends.

My mother's health has been worse - she has many difficulties to walk and a lot of pain in her back and legs- and I wanted to spend some time with her and take some measures to make her life easier and comfortable.

I arrived in Portugal very tired since I hadn't been sleeping very much due to my cat's situation. I wasn't feeling very relaxed either, fearing that something might happen to Fofinho while I was in Portugal and my husband would have to deal alone with some unpleasant and painful situation. The expectations given by the vet were very bad...

My stay in Portugal was a bit depressing since I found some of my friends and relatives facing serious economical troubles.Every year I go to Portugal, the economical situation looks worse than before. Some of my friends have lost their jobs, other needed to close their businesses, etc, etc...

Meanwhile, we almost lost Fofinho during my short stay there, but since I arrived to the NL, he looks better.Let's see how it goes. I keep going with all the treatments. Soon, I will write a post all about it.

I have so many things on my mind now- I feel like I have two lives, one here, one there- that my mood for blogging has been very low.I 'm now trying, for example, to understand all the new rules and taxes of the Portuguese State Budget 2013, so I can explain to my mother in the best possible way how she will be affected by all this mess. The economical situation in Portugal is critical than ever and this time, she will lose a considerable deal of money that could be used, for example, in thermal treatments or to help paying someone to take good care of her at home a couple years from now.

Nevertheless, Portugal is still for me the most beautiful country in the world, and for some moments, I was able to forget all my fears and worries...:-)

Portugal, September 2012


From Férias Portugal 2012


From Férias Portugal 2012

Galapos, Setúbal

From Férias Portugal 2012
 Lisbon, Parque das Nações

From Férias Portugal 2012

Friday, 5 October 2012

Portugal: 869 years of History

World Heritage Portugal- National Geographic Channel 2008 (English)

Monocle, October 2012
Generation Lusophonia: why Portuguese is the new language of power and trade
From Coisas Minhas III