Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Our cousins visit: Poffertjes in Bussum

On our cousins last day in the Netherlands, we went to D. van der Steen stall in Bussum. The surprise? Something truly Dutch: homemade poffertjes!! As you can see by the photos below, they seem (and they are) quite delicious and the place is very lovely. Our cousins just loved it!

Poffertjes are small and fluffy pancakes made with yeast and buckwheat flour.They have a light and spongy texture and typically they are served with powdered sugar and butter. These ones, served with ginger, are really, really yummy and my favourite ones!!! Lekker!

From Huizen & Bussum 2012

D. van der Steen also offers delicious waffles! These are the best I have eaten so far!

From Huizen & Bussum 2012

The Old Dutch Pancakes and Waffles Stall D. van der Steen dates from 1847 and since 1921, this stall comes back every year to Bussum.

From Huizen & Bussum 2012

The atmosphere is great! It's like travelling back to many decades ago: the curtains, the oven, the pine doors, the old photos,...

From Huizen & Bussum 2012

From Huizen & Bussum 2012

This year, D. van der Steen is open until Sunday, September, 23rd. Bussum has a railway station. So, it's easy to get there. 

From Huizen & Bussum 2012

We can also find them in Breukelen, during 3 weeks in the Autumn. This tradition has 97 years! On October, 3rd, the stall van der Steen offers poffertjes to the local school children to celebrate the birthday of the local philanthropist Kees de Tippelaar (1843-1913). This citizen of the world was very caring with the children, especially the poor ones, when Breukelen faced economical difficulties during the last years of the 19th century. Since 1915, through a special fund he has created, the children are offered poffertjes on his birthday. The current owner of the van der Steen stall celebrates also his birthday on October, 3rd.

What do you think of this place? If you have the chance, take a train and pay them a visit! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

(These photos -except for the third- were taken last April when we went there for the first time. )


Sami said...

I love waffles! That place looks cute with an old charm.

ana said...

Parece delicioso e as fotografias realçam o sabor. :)
Beijinhos, Sandra!

Presépio no Canal said...

Sami, I love this place. As you say, it's old charm. :-) Beijinhos!

Ana, E sao deliciosos, do melhor que ja provei. Um dia que venhas a Amsterdam, podemos la ir lanchar. E so apanhar o comboio. ;-) Bjs!

Jacoba said...

Wonderful place! And a wonderful treat! This is very nearby my place and once a year they move down to a village nearby during the autumn.
Where I grew up there was a farm with pancakes and poffertjes. Always a treat during the summer!

Margarida Elias said...

Que inveja... Quem me dera!!!! bjs!:)))

Presépio no Canal said...

Lucky girl you are, Jacoba!! ;-))

I remembered of you when I was there because I saw on the map that Bussum was nearby of the lake you told us about in your blog.

The village you are talking about is Brekeulen, I think. I never been there, but I want to go in October.

Nice to see you here! :-)

Veel kusjes!

Presépio no Canal said...

Margarida, e a minha forma de compensar um bocadinho a falta que me fazem os Travesseiros da Piriquita

Mas ja sabes, quando ca vieres, vamos la lanchar. ;-))