Thursday, 5 July 2012

Our cousins visit: Amersfoort

We knocked at the door of the medieval town of Amersfoort. We were told the town was very pretty and we wanted to visit it.

From Amersfoort 2012

A gentle Amersfoort host...

From Amersfoort 2012
 invited us to enter and sit down ..."Make  yourself comfortable." he said.

From Amersfoort 2012

" Welcome to MonnikendamThe watergate Monnikendam was built around 1420 as part of the second city walls (1380-1451). The gate consists of two towers which have been connected by an arch. We believe that the port is probably named after the Augustinian monks of St. Andrew's. In 1840, some ancient city walls were demolished and Monnikendam was included in the construction of the new park designed by the landscape architect JD Zocher Jr. "

From Amersfoort 2012

"I hope you enjoy our town and its many interesting streets. Look carefully at the buildings and you will find signs of our past, like the ones of the ancient guilds..."

From Amersfoort 2012

Our host also told us that our cousins came during a very special moment for the country: "Many students have finished their high school studies this month and that's why we are seeing so many flags with school bags in front of the windows. These families are sharing with us their joy with their teenagers school achievements."

From Amersfoort 2012

Lovely town, isn't it? :-)

Amersfoort is situated in the Utrecht province and it's easy to reach by train. Enjoy your day! :-)


restlessjo said...

Surely looks lovely! Love moated buildings.

Margarida Elias said...

Parece um bom sítio para eu passear... Bjs!

Presépio no Canal said...

Jo: In that case, you will love Amersfoort. From Amsterdam or Utrecht, it's easy to get there. :-)

Margarida: Sem duvida! Amersfoort e calma, charmosa, tem recantos muito bonitos, alem do Museu de Mondriaan. :-)