Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Expat Life: Mijn fiets (A minha bicicleta)

After two years and seven months in the Netherlands, I' ve bought my bike ;-)

From Coisas Minhas

For two years, I lived in the city centrum, where everything was nearby: theater, cinema, restaurants, stores, the supermarket, the lake, the park, the train,...
However, since last December, I live in Tussen de Vaarten. Here we have a bus to the city centrum each 7 minutes and the trip is about 10 minutes. Ok, that's fine, but...
I wanted to enjoy the parks and the lakes of Tussen de Vaarten, go easily to Albert Heijn, visit some friends nearby. The best way to do it is with a bike ;-) Now, I don't need to take the bus only to go for a two or four stops ahead.

How have you found your bike? you ask...

First, I went to the city centrum and visited some stores. I tryed a couple of bikes but I felt uneasy.
I'm a Portuguese with 1,60 m, not a Dutch tall woman.
I needed a smaller bike, so I decided to look for it in the site of MatraBike.
I clicked in "Damesfietsen" (Lady's bikes) and I chose this one with 43 cm, the ideal for me. I bought it online, and few days later, they delivered it at home. Easy.

Now, it's enjoy it!

I had a bike when I was a child... yes, almost 30 years ago...
Well, we use to say: " We never forget!" and that is true! ;-)

The best part of it?

A wonderful feeling of freedom! ;-)

Have a nice week! ;-)

George Michael, Freedom

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Expat Life: Katwijk aan Zee

Katwijk aan Zee ... this weekend destination to enjoy the SUN and the SEA...

Katwijk aan Zee is a seaside resort located on the North Sea in the province of South Holland...

From Katwijk aan Zee

a place with beautiful dunes...

From Katwijk aan Zee

where, if you want, you can rent a bungalow...

From Katwijk aan Zee

or stay in a Bed & Breakfast...

From Katwijk aan Zee

Katwijk aan Zee is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy the colours of the day...

From Katwijk aan Zee

From Katwijk aan Zee

or the signs of the past...

From Katwijk aan Zee

From Katwijk aan Zee

and, finally, have a delicious dinner in De Zwaan...

From Katwijk aan Zee

(the dessert: crepe with vanilla and hot orange jam...)

From Katwijk aan Zee


Some special moments of this weekend...

From Katwijk aan Zee

From Katwijk aan Zee

From Katwijk aan Zee

See you, Katwijk! ;-)

From Katwijk aan Zee

From Katwijk aan Zee

Friday, 25 June 2010

My artist friend

My dear friend Mihaela ;-)

She likes to paint and she is a very creative person...:-)

I didn't resist to take some pictures of her paintings during my last short visit ;-)

From Coisas Minhas

From Coisas Minhas

From Coisas Minhas

I think these paintings are so cute ;-)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Hallo, zomer!

Vivaldi, As Quatro Estacoes (Verao)

A something in a summer’s Day
As slow her flambeaux burn away
Which solemnizes me.

A something in a summer’s noon —
A depth — an Azure — a perfume —
Transcending ecstasy.

And still within a summer’s night
A something so transporting bright
I clap my hands to see —

Then veil my too inspecting face
Lets such a subtle — shimmering grace
Flutter too far for me —

The wizard fingers never rest —
The purple brook within the breast
Still chafes it narrow bed —

Still rears the East her amber Flag —
Guides still the sun along the Crag
His Caravan of Red —

So looking on — the night — the morn
Conclude the wonder gay —
And I meet, coming thro’ the dews
Another summer’s Day!

Emily Dickinson



World Cup: 7-0 with North Korea!!

Portuguese National Anthem

A Portuguesa

Heróis do mar, nobre povo,
Nação valente, imortal,
Levantai hoje de novo
O esplendor de Portugal!
Entre as brumas da memória,
Ó Pátria, sente-se a voz
Dos teus egrégios avós,
Que há-de guiar-te à vitória!

Às armas, às armas!
Sobre a terra, sobre o mar,
Às armas, às armas!
Pela Pátria lutar!
Contra os canhões, marchar, marchar!

English Lyrics

Heroes of the sea, noble people,
Brave, immortal nation,
Raise today once more
The splendor of Portugal!
Between the mists of memory,
Oh Fatherland, the voice is felt
Of your egregious forefathers,
That shall lead you to victory!


Over the land, over the sea,
To arms, to arms!
For our Fatherland, fight!
Against the cannons, march, march!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hup, Holland, Hup! /Geslaagd!

In my way to the house of the GildeSamenSpraak's volunteer,...

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

I took some photos of the houses decorated for the World Cup: "Hup, Holland, Hup!"...

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

And I saw a mix with the "Geslaagd" time ;-) Remember this post from last year?

From Almere (III)

From Almere (III)

When the students accomplish their studies, they put their this...

From Almere (III)

And surprise, surprise, it was a house of a portuguese family ;-) See the flag?

From Almere (III)

Have a nice weekend, you all!!

Friday, 18 June 2010


8 July 2008, almost two years ago, I posted here this Dutch song of Marco Borsato. I was trying to learn some Dutch by listening some well known songs... trying to get used to the sounds and to the writing which seemed so strange to me....
Two years later, I decided to read the posts with Dutch songs. Now, when I listen to what they say, I understand it and the lyrics are not as strange as before ...
I 'm happy, very happy ;-) It is not an easy language...I stil have a lot to learn...but I think I can say " Ik ben binnen" (I'm inside/ja entrei!)

Marco Borsato, Binnen

Open m'n ogen
En kijk om me heen
Alles lijkt veranderd
Mijn buik doet raar en ik voel me vreemd
En ik vraag me af wat dit gevoel veroorzaakt heeft
Mijn gedachten lijken zelfs niet meer van mij
Kan mezelf niet vinden
En de reden dat ben jij

Je bent binnen
Binnen in m'n hart
Binnen in m'n ziel
Van binnen
Binnen sinds de dag
Dat ik voor jou viel
Binnen in de droom
Die ik met je wil beginnen
Je bent binnen

Het leven werd door mij alleen geregisseerd
Maar zonder iets te zeggen, met mezelf te overleggen
Heb ik alle rollen omgekeerd
En ik vraag me af waarom ik doe wat ik nu doe
Maar het antwoord op de vraag komt niet van mij
Ik lijk gek te worden
En de reden dat ben jij

Je bent binnen
Binnen in m'n hart
Binnen in m'n ziel
Van binnen
Binnen sinds de dag
Dat ik voor jou viel
Binnen in de droom
Die ik met je wil beginnen
Je bent binnen

Ik zit bij jou achter op de fiets
We gaan steeds iets harder
Ik zie bijna niets
Ik sta voor de keuze
Nu eraf of voor altijd mee
Besluit de angsten van me af te slaan
En voor altijd met je mee te gaan
Mijn hoofd tegen je rug gedrukt
En mijn armen om je heen

Binnen in m'n hart
Binnen in m'n ziel
Van binnen
Binnen sinds de dag
Dat ik voor jou viel
Binnen in de droom
Die ik met je wil beginnen
Je bent binnen

Binnen in m'n hart
Binnen in m'n ziel
Binnen sinds de dag
Dat ik voor jou viel
Als ik van je droom
Als ik denk als ik ben als ik vrij ben
Als ik me verveel of mezelf weer eens kwijt ben
Binnen in m'n hart

Je bent binnen
Je bent binnen
Je bent binnen

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet with Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero.

If you want to see the beautiful towns of Verona and Siena, amusing yourself and have a relaxed moment...;-)


Na Orla do Mar

A portuguese poem of Eugenio de Andrade...A Orla do Mar...I read it yesterday in my last logopedie lesson...:-)
A very special moment to me, to read portuguese poetry...they didn't understand the words, but they liked the way I read the poem...and I was glad, because I wanted them to feel the beauty of our poetry...;-)

Na Orla do Mar

Na orla do mar,
no rumor do vento,
onde esteve a linha
pura do teu rosto
ou só pensamento
- e mora, secreto,
intenso, solar,
todo o meu desejo -
aí vou colher
a rosa e a palma.
Onde a pedra é flor,
onde o corpo é alma.

Eugenio de Andrade (1956)

Praia da Adraga, Sintra

Ennio Morricone, "Love Theme" from Cinema Paradiso

Friday, 11 June 2010

Expat Life: First Barbecue Party in the Achtertuin...


Welcome ;-)

From Coisas Minhas the first barbecue party in the achtertuin (backyard)...

Remember this post?
Here you are some of my garden furniture choices...

From Coisas Minhas

De stoelen/ the chairs/ as cadeiras were bought in Intratuin.
These chairs are very good to relax...specially with a good book... enjoying the sun...;-)

De tafel/ the table/ a portuguese, came with the removals.
A bigger one is needed now, of course. This one is to share a cup of tea or a coffee ;-)

From Coisas Minhas

The barbecue was bought in Gamma. Also the parasol.

From Coisas Minhas

From Coisas Minhas

So, what do you think? A bigger tafel and proper chairs to have a more comfortable lunch, I know,...;-)

I just loved this day...:-)

A wonderful afternoon with Mihaela, Adrian and their son, Mihai ;-) Gezellig!!!

I hope the sun comes back soon, so we can have another one ;-)

(Thank's Adrian for the table and the bbq photos.)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Award " Amigo de Portugal"

10 June: Day of Camões, Portugal, and the Portuguese Communities

Luiz Vaz de Camoes wrote the Os Lusíadas, Portugal's national epic poem that celebrates Portuguese History and its achievements.
He died on June the 10th of 1580. That's why we celebrate our National Day on this day, June the 10th.
Portuguese immigrants throughout the world celebrate this holiday too.

I think the best way to celebrate it in Presepio is trough a special award to some amazing blogs about our History and Culture.
I called this award "Amigo de Portugal" that means "Portugal Friend".

From Selos Presepio

And this award goes to... ;-)

Familia Real Portuguesa (author: Maria de Menezes)

A blog about the Portuguese Royal Family (the Dukes of Braganca) where we can learn about the role that this Family had and have in our History. If you want to know more about Portuguese History, it is a good place to visit.

Ruas de Lisboa com alguma Historia (author: Agostinho Paiva Sobreira)

A blog where we can learn about the History of the streets of Lisbon (Lisboa) and see old and new photos. The right site to visit if you want to know more about our capital...

Memorias de Sacavem (author: Isabel Tiago)

A very special blog about Sacavem ceramics. Sacavem is nearby Lisbon and its ceramics factory was very well known.

Strawberries com Natas (author: Luisa Moreira)

A great blog about portuguese gastronomy with a very ecological message. ;-) Muito bom! ;-)


Dia de Portugal

10 June: Portugal's Day

Let's travel with music!

GNR e Isabel Silvestre, Pronuncia do Norte

Paulo de Carvalho, Lisboa, Menina e Moca

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Tour in Amsterdam...

Amsterdam, 06 June 2010

She took the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, where we met, so she could visit the city ;-)
It was an important moment for us ;-) We met each other after two blogging years ;-)
We had only a few hours because she needed to be in Tilburg about 7 o'clock.

From the Centraal Station, I took her to the Nieuwe Kerk...

From Amsterdam

We took some pics of this church where Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima were married (02.02.2002).

From Amsterdam

From Amsterdam


From Amsterdam

Well, we decided to walk and go in direction of the Amsterdams Historisch Museum where we had our lunch...

From Amsterdam

After relaxing a bit and have an unexpecting meeting with someone I had lunch two days before ;-), we went to the Begijnhof...

From Amsterdam

From Amsterdam

...where we could appreciate the Het Houten Huis, the oldest house in Amsterdam (around 1420) and one of the only two wooden-front houses in the city.

From Amsterdam

And now, the place where she felt really delighted: Saint Francis Church...

From Amsterdam

From Amsterdam

From Amsterdam

From Amsterdam

We stayed there to appreciate this magnificent piece of art ;-) If you come to Amsterdam, visit this church. I'm sure you will like it very much!

Our "tour" was almost at the end...

After some "souvenirs" for her dear ones and a new pair of shoes, we were ready to return to Centraal Station: she went to Tilburg and I to Almere.

Boa viagem ate Portugal, Susana! Beijinhos ;-)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lovely and Loyal Award

Lopa, an Indian expat and the writer of the Blog Life as it goes on, gave this beautiful award with a very interesting challenge to Presepio.
Thank you so much, Lopa ;-) Very sweet of you ;-)

From Selos Web Atribuídos

I must answer to these questions:

1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all.

I began to write Presepio to help me in this new adventure.So much new information, so many differences...
I needed to organize and place myself in this new picture.
I wanted also to share experiences and help others who, like me, were searching information about the Netherlands before taking the great step. Stories in the first person, not only the official data...
I tought also that it would be a good way to know other expats from different coutries and backgrounds. A good way of making friends in the same situation.
I had no blogging experience when I began to write Presepio, so I wasn't expecting a great popularity.
I don't think Presepio is that popular. I prefer that Presepio grows slowly and with some quality. I blog to relax and for fun. No stress, no worries. Let's enjoy the moment ;-)

2. State the exact date you started your blog.

I started my blog in 3 March 2008, about 4 months after my arrival in the Netherlands (04.12.2007).

3. Nominate 5 loyal followers!

Well, I will nominate 7, but I know there are more. I don't want to be unfair, so I will nominate by the nummer of comments:

Anita from Castles, Crowns and Cottages.

Aledys from From Argentina to the Netherlands, for Love!

Margarida Elias from Memorias e Imagens

Rosa Martins from Rosa do Adro

Isabella from A Touch of Dutch

Arwa from Oranjesplaash

Anita from Greetings from Holland

So girls, now it is your turn ;-) Do you want to tell your story? The rules you already know...:-)

To all the readers of Presepio:

Don't forget to visit Lopa's blogs. This woman is a mix of talents :-) Give her a visit and find out why ;-)

A great Sunday to you all ;-)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Meerplaats, Mariola... and a Tango for a special friend...;-)

If you like to eat fish, a great restaurant to go....Meerplaats in IJmuiden...

From Ijmuiden

Enjoy the sun, the sea and the boats... :-)

From Ijmuiden

From Ijmuiden

From Ijmuiden

And have your sunset in Almere Haven with a Mariola ice-cream! ;-)

From Ijmuiden

From Best of Almere

Have a nice weekend you all! ;-)

To you, Aledys ;-)
For a lovely afternoon and today's so beautiful post ;-)

Astor Piazzolla


Do you want to know the place where Presepio was born? Read Aledys's post, then... ;-)