Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Santorini: The Hotel

 The Hotel: Acqua Vatos
 Location: Kamari (a covered black pebbles beach, the longest of the island)

The breakfast room

From Santorini:The Hotel

The bedroom

From Santorini:The Hotel

From Santorini:The Hotel

The bathroom

From Santorini:The Hotel

The terrace

From Santorini:The Hotel

From Santorini:The Hotel

The swimming pool

From Santorini:The Hotel

Our breakfast corner

From Santorini:The Hotel

Adding to this fabulous contemporary decor, a friendly and helpful staff, an excelent location nearby the beach, restaurants and night clubs and a delicious breakfast (especially the pies). A very nice place to stay, don't you think? :-)

If you wish to see other bedrooms, please watch this video.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Santorini -The Naked Child

Santorini -The Naked Child

Bend if you can to the dark sea forgetting
the flute's sound on naked feet
that trod your sleep in the other, the sunken life.

From Santorini:Oia

Write if you can on your last shell
the day the place the name
and fling it into the sea so that it sinks.

From Santorini:Oia

We found ourselves naked on the pumice stone
watching the rising islands
watching the red islands sink
into their sleep, into our sleep.
Here we found ourselves naked, holding
the scales that tipped toward injustice.

From Santorini: Red, White and Black Beaches

Instep of power, unshadowed will, considered love,
projects that ripen in the midday sun,
course of fate with a young hand
slapping the shoulder;
in the land that was scattered, that can't resist,
in the land that was once our land
the islands, --rust and ash-- are sinking.

From Santorini:Sail trip and Volcano

Altars destroyed
and friends forgotten
leaves of the palm tree in mud.

From Santorini:Sail trip and Volcano

Let your hands go traveling if you can
here on time's curve with the ship
that touched the horizon.
When the dice struck the flagstone
when the lance struck the breast-plate
when the eye recognized the stranger
and love went dry
in punctured souls;
when looking round you see
feet harvested everywhere
dead hands everywhere
eyes darkened everywhere;
when you can't any longer choose
even the death you wanted as your own--
hearing a cry,

even the wolf's cry,
your due:
let your hands go traveling if you can
free yourself from unfaithful time
and sink--
So sinks whoever raises the great stones.

From Santorini: Sunset at

Giorgos Seferis

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Enjoying the Summer

Enjoying the Summer :-)


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Portuguese Delicacies

I'm a happy woman when, for example,....

I receive Portuguese delicacies from my dear ones ;-))

From my goddaughter's mother:

Regina Chocolates

A sweet memory of my childhood, the most known portuguese chocolate brand.

From Prendinhas

Homemade salt mix with garlic, parsley, coriander, rosemary and thyme.

From Prendinhas

Homemade salt mix for meat (salt, oregano, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, pepper seeds, powdered garlic, sweet paprika, curry and thyme)

From Prendinhas
Homemade cookies. Delicious!

From Coisas Minhas II
From my husband's cousins:

Salt with pepper;
Oregano with Onion;
Olive Oil with piri-piri;
Garlic pasta;
Paprika pasta;
Salt with Lemon;
Canned mackerel;
Sardine and Tuna Paté;
Lemon Verbena tea; 

From Coisas Minhas II
From my husband:

Alheira, a Portuguese sausage made usually with veal, duck, chicken or rabbit meat and bread. I love it!

From Coisas Minhas II
Tremoços (Lupini beans)

I especially like to eat lupini beans when watching football games on TV, like the European Championship or the World Cup.

From Coisas Minhas II

Regional bread from Setúbal. How I missed it! Absolutely delicious!

From Coisas Minhas II

Cheeses...One from Seia and other from Serpa.

From Coisas Minhas II

And also several Portuguese brandies, but that is another post ;-)

 As Amália has sung one day, this is a Portuguese house, for sure. ;-))