Friday, 4 June 2010

Meerplaats, Mariola... and a Tango for a special friend...;-)

If you like to eat fish, a great restaurant to go....Meerplaats in IJmuiden...

From Ijmuiden

Enjoy the sun, the sea and the boats... :-)

From Ijmuiden

From Ijmuiden

From Ijmuiden

And have your sunset in Almere Haven with a Mariola ice-cream! ;-)

From Ijmuiden

From Best of Almere

Have a nice weekend you all! ;-)

To you, Aledys ;-)
For a lovely afternoon and today's so beautiful post ;-)

Astor Piazzolla


Do you want to know the place where Presepio was born? Read Aledys's post, then... ;-)


Aledys Ver said...

Thanks!! Ohhh it's "Adiós, Nonino"!! Oh no, do you want me to cry, like my landgenoot, Prinses Máxima? :o)
THis place looks very nice and I like towns near the water. THanks for the tip and for the tango!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sandra ma belle, thank you for always being there for me....your kind comments and your tours of the world that you love make my day!!! I WISH YOU THE BEST TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS and have a delicious Barbeque!!! Lovely images ma belle. Grosses bises, ANita

Anita said...

Mariola ?
Ok, thanks for the tip !

Anita said...

By the way... This song was the opening of miniserie "Engracadinha" (1995). Check it out:

Presépio no Canal said...

Wonderful serie, Anita ;-) I saw it too ;-) Thanks for remembering ;-) A great week end to you and your family!

ana said...

Fantástico, adoro Astor Piazzolla. Boa escolha.
Boa semana!