Saturday, 14 July 2012

Kibbeling and Vlaai

I have promised our cousins to introduce them to some Dutch snacks and desserts. You saw already the post about the poffertjes. Let me show you the other delicacies...


In Portugal, we are great eaters of dry cod fish (bacalhau seco). We have more than a thousand ways to cook it. In The Netherlands, we have kibbeling, fresh fried cod fish served with remoulade and aioli. Generally, it's our lunch every Saturday and sometimes, when the weather is nice, we invite some friends to join us in the achtertuin (backyard). It was the case last Saturday. These photos were taken then. I forgot to take pics when our cousins were here to enjoy the kibbeling with us. I guess it was all the excitement! 

From Almere 2012


After our lunch, we went to Bart in the city center to enjoy a slice of Vlaai for dessert.
Vlaai is a tart consisting of a pastry with filling. Originally created in Weert (Limburg), is therefore a typical product of the southern regions of the Netherlands.However, nowadays, it's available in all the regions of the country, as well as in Belgium and Germany near the border with the Netherlands. There are many different varieties of fruit fillings (cherry, apricot, strawberries, plums, etc.). We can also find it in the options of crumbled butter and sugar mix (greumellevlaai) and cooked rice and custard porridge (rijstevlaai).

From Almere 2012

If you click on Multivlaai's link, you will see about 40 varieties of Vlaai.
Do you have a favourite Vlaai?
If you never have tasted it before, which one do you think would be your favourite?

As you can imagine, after such a nice lunch, we needed to go for a walk in the city center... ;-)) Besides, the weather was really nice, perfect to take some photos, such as this one, of the Side by Side buildings. :-)

From Almere 2012

Stay well and have a nice weekend! :-)


Sami said...

You will have to give us the recipe for the Kibbeling, Sandra. Are they similar to the Pastel de Bacalhau (cod fish cakes)?

Presépio no Canal said...


Helaas, I don't know the recipe. :-(
We buy it ready to eat in the market, and, no, it isn't similar to our cod fish cakes...

Bjs! :-)

Sara said...

Ai, tanta coisa boa que por aqui aparece. Difícil é escolher. Eu acho que era capaz de começar por aquele com moranguinhos :))
Beijinhos e obrigada pela partilha!

Presépio no Canal said...

Os Vlaais sao a minha perdicao, Sara. E ainda falta provar muitos ;-)))