Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pentecost Holidays (2)

Sunday: Outdoor Eating

On the Pentecost Day (Whitsunday), we went to the Outdoor Eating in De Kemphaan, a very interesting initiative to promote the local caterers and restaurants. I like this kind of events because everybody wins. The city organizes a pleasant activity, the local caterers and restaurants have a great marketing opportunity and the inhabitants can discover new tastes and flavours, products and services.
Besides, the weather was great, perfect to enjoy a cocktail, eat an ice-cream and listening to very good music outside. 

Two pics of this event...

These mushrooms were quite delicious!

From Outdoor Eating Almere 2012

This is a photo of the Dutch Classic Rock music, Vandeband. I was quite pleased with the way they played.

From Outdoor Eating Almere 2012

Helps a lot in the integration process in a new society to participate in the local events and to live the city not as a tourist but as local, don't you agree?

Saturday: a BBQ with our friends from Poland

Our 4th BBQ of the season was on Pentecost's Saturday, a splendid shinning afternoon that we enjoyed with our friends from Poland. As usual, when we have friends for a BBQ, we went afterwards for a stroll nearby the canal and the lake.

A BBQ in the achtertuin (backyard) is something very Dutch, like a ritual and tradition that marks the start of the Spring /Summer season. This year we were the first of our neighbourhood, so I guess I can say we are well integrated in the Netherlands. ;-))
There is nothing better than the sunshine and to be with the ones we love, just enjoying each other's company, nice talks, many laughs and a relaxing day. I love this time of the year!

From Sábado Pentecostes 2012 & BBQ

All our backyards are displayed in a row, so you can imagine how amusing it is when we and our nearest neighbours are doing BBQ's at the same time. In a certain way, especially because of the smell of the grilled meat and the patio's atmosphere, it reminds me Saint Anthony's Festival in June in the Medieval districts of Alfama and Castelo in Lisbon.

From Sábado Pentecostes 2012 & BBQ

These four Pentecost days were really, really great! The Luilakmarkt on Friday, a BBQ on Saturday, the Outdoor Eating on Sunday and the outing to Almere Haven on Monday...Fantastic! :-)
I'm so glad we enjoyed the Sun to the fullest! Lately, it has been cold and rainy...
We should never forget to enjoy the little pleasures of life, don't you agree? ;-)


Margarida Elias said...

Parece bem divertido e os cogumelos bem apetitosos. Bom sol! Bjs!:))

Presépio no Canal said...

Margarida, este Junho tem sido so chover...Ainda bem que aproveitamos o Maio. :-)
Bjs e Bom Domingo!

Sara said...

Que bom que aproveitaste ao máximo! Por cá, ando um pouco zangada com o S. Pedro que arruinou a perspectiva de um piquenique no Gerês, já pela segunda vez :((
Acho que a partir de meados desta semana o sol chegará em pleno. Já cá faz falta :))
Beijinhos e uma grande semana para ti :))

Presépio no Canal said...

Ja somos duas. Junho tem sido muito chuvoso. Eu que nao me ponha a pau a apanhar Sol, que ainda vou parar as cadeiras motorizadas com as quais os velhotes andam por aqui...ah, pois.
Votos de muito sol, Sara :-)) Estou desejosa de praia...:-))
E Viva Portugal! Jogamos bem, hoje!!!