Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Spanish Flag in Almere

A Spanish flag in Almere...;-)

I hope Spain wins today! ;-)

From Coisas Minhas

And in Youtube, I've found this ;-))

Manolo Escobar, Y Viva Espana


Margarida Elias said...

Uma final Espanha / Holanda? Teria interesse. E por qual torcias?

Presépio no Canal said...

Holanda ate a final ;-) E o pais onde vivo.
E em segundo lugar, prefiro que fique a Espanha ;-)

ana said...

Esperemos que sim!

Não percebo nada de futebol mas dizem que a Espanha joga bem.

Achei graça ao seu post.
Boa tarde!

Presépio no Canal said...


Achei uma piada ao video, muito anos 70!! ;-)))
Neste momento, a Espanha esta a jogar melhor que a Alemanha. ;-)

Ate ja,

Beijinhos ;-)

Aledys Ver said...

Well, your wish came true! I'm happy for the Spanish!
My hubbie wanted Germany to win because he says that a final against Germany has a different mood - it goes beyond football and should Holland have won the match, it would've felt three, four times better!

Presépio no Canal said...

I understand your hubby, but there is always the possibility of lose...imagine if...niet gezellig...
Spain has done a great game! They deserved the victory! I think we will have a great final with two great teams!
If Netherlands wins, I will be happy because is the country where I live now. If Spain wins, I will be happy too, because I have good memories there as a neighbour. I used to go there to buy "caramelos" when I was a child ;-)

Shall the best win! ;-)

So, I hope that wins the best and I hope to see a great
football show next sunday!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

That is a brave soul!