Tuesday, 29 November 2011

London at night

We spent all of the following day in the Tower of London and in the Tower Bridge. We arrived at the Tower of London around 10.30 and we ended our day on the other side of the Thames, already in the evening.

The Tower of London

From Londres 2011

The Tower Bridge

From Londres 2011

From Londres 2011

We found many people on this side of the river setting up all the proper equipment to take good pictures during the evening, which was not my case.
I took my little, light and handy Lumix with me.

I regret I didn't take a picture of the photographers, so I could be able to show you all the atmosphere they give to the place. I perfectly understand their care. The spots are quite amazing, like this one for example, with Saint Paul's Cathedral behind the bridge.

From Londres 2011

We ended our day in China Town in the restaurant Four Seasons where we ate very nicely for an affordable price. The restaurant was crowded and we needed to wait standing up, but the service was quick and efficient and the food delicious. I read many different opinions about this restaurant, but our experience was quite positive.

From Londres 2011
What is your favourite restaurant in London? 


Sami said...

Nice evening photos of London. It´s been many, many years since I was last in London.

ana said...

As fotografias estão muito bonitas. Tenho saudades de Londres, gostava de lá voltar.

Citizen_Stu said...

It's always nice to see my home city through other people's eyes :)

Presépio no Canal said...

King Stuart, what a honour Your visit in my humble blog!!!


Your last post was absolutely hilarious!! I want to see you on TV!! You are a must!! ;-))

Sami e Ana,

Londres e fantastica e tem tanto por explorar, nao e? :-) Ainda so vi um bocadinho. Fiquei com vontade de la voltar. Who knows? ;-) Se apanhar alguma promocao jeitosa, quem sabe no proximo ano.
Gostei de fotografar a cidade, apesar da dificuldade, pois havia muita gente a passar em frente a camara.

Aledys Ver said...

Beautiful photos of London, Sandrinha!
I´d love to go one of these days and I'd love to make a tour of a few restaurants that I'm curious about.

Presépio no Canal said...

Que restaurantes sao? :-)