Monday, 19 March 2012

Almere Proeft 2012

Almere Proeft 2012 took place yesterday at Boat House Restaurant in Almere. We enjoyed a splendid afternoon there, listening to Jazz and Swing music, tasting delicious olive oil, wines, cheeses, chocolates, having new experiences and doing some shopping too. In the end, we took a pleasant walk around the restaurant and I was even followed by a swan. Take a look at the photos.

The Place

Boat House Restaurant, Almere

From Almere Proef 2012

This restaurant is located in the recreation area of Noorderplassen, west of Almere Stad. I've already written about it, remember?

Tasting and shopping

We bought some delicacies at Italie in Huis, such as a bottle of olive oil (Olio Flaminio of Torre Atigge/ D.O.P. Umbria) and a cheese (Formaggio Pecorino). Absolutely delicious!
The webshop site is not available yet, but only in two weeks or so.

From Almere Proef 2012

We also tasted very good wines at ViniFins and we intend to visit their shop in Almere Haven to buy some of them, like the Nonnengarten, the Nero d'Avola and the T'Air d' Oc Syrah.

From Almere Proef 2012

At Kaasmakerij we enjoyed delicious cheeses and smoked sausages! We bought some of them and a Fromage de Langres.

From Almere Proef 2012

I had my first experience in candy making with liquid nitrogen at the Boat House Restaurant stand and I enjoyed the moment very much!

From Almere Proef 2012

Ready for Easter? ;-) At Chocolaterie Brouwer, we bought slagroom truffels and marzipan.

From Almere Proef 2012

A glimpse of the atmosphere...

From Almere Proef 2012

We also found out about Cuisine Culinaire Almere, a group of cuisine lovers. Their aim is to practise the art of cooking in a casual and cozy atmosphere. We had a very nice talk with one of the chefs who had already been in Portugal. He told us about restaurants there that we don't know yet. As soon as I get my feet in Portugal, I will check the tips he gave us. We loved to talk with him! A very nice and interesting person!

Yes, we had a wonderful time at Almere Proeft 2012!

A glass of good wine, good company and very good Jazz music...Just like Heaven!

Nick Bloemendaal & Friends (Jazz and Swing)

From Almere Proef 2012

The Lady is a Tramp by Nick Bloemendaal


Sara said...

Nem sei para que lado me deva virar: tanta coisa boa! :)
As tuas descobertas estão cada vez melhores. As culinárias e as restantes.
Beijinhos e boa semana!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening Sandra dear! Oh you always make me want to go to your town!!! THE CHEESE IS BEAUTIFUL! Hugs! Anita

Sami said...

I would love the cheese and chocolate tables...Yummi!

Aledys Ver said...

Sounds wonderful, Sandrinha - this is my kind of thing, too, as you know already, because you're my wife :)
The candy making with liquid nitrogen sounds fun!! Did you expel smoke through your nose and ears? :)

Presépio no Canal said...

@ Sara: Obrigada, Sara. Eu gosto muito deste tipo de eventos e em Portugal ainda cheguei a ir a alguns relacionados com licores e doces tradicionais. Beijinhos e Boa Semana! :-)

@ Anita, I will be very glad with your visit. Who knows in the near future and we can go to Boat House enjoy its splendid surroundings and to Almere Haven visit those amazing stores? Bisous! :-)

@ Sami, ;-) I'm sure you would appreciate this event very much too, oh yes. Beijinhos.

@Eber, ahahah You must try it. It's delicious! It's Boat House special dessert! Beijinhos.

ana said...

Que beleza de fotografias e de momentos.
Tudo muito interessante, Sandra.
Os coelhinhos são giríssimos e o cisne uma beleza.
Beijinhos e aguardarei as próximas novidades.

Presépio no Canal said...

Obrigada, Ana :-) Es muito querida! Eu ja devia ter postado um monte de coisas, mas o tempo tem estado tao bom!! :-)) Ha que aproveitar! :-))
Muitos Beijinhos!!! xoxo :-)