Sunday, 3 February 2013

My A-Z of the Netherlands: "V" is for Veterinary Costs

Due to my lack of time, I didn't have the opportunity to go forward with "My A-Z of the Netherlands" last year. As you may remember my last post about it dates from March. 

Therefore, I will try to make up to you this year. This time I will follow a different strategy: not writing according to the alphabet order, but according to the events that happen in my everyday life. 

I have written 3 posts until now : "A" is for Almere, "B" is for Bikes and "C" is for Children. This time, we will give a huge jump: "V" is for Veterinary Costs.

From Almere (III)
(Fofinho in our back yard 3 years ago)

As you may know, my 16 years old cat has been ill with kidney and heart problems. This week, I went with him to the veterinary clinic. We were there for the last time in November and Dr K. was very pleased to see Fofinho again. She has asked me a couple of weeks ago to make a new appointment for Fofinho since she would like to check him up again and see how he has been doing.

Well, we have good news! For the first time, since Fofinho got ill last July, he hasn't lost any weight. In fact, he has more 50 gr and now he weighs 2700 kg. His heart is more relaxed too. Only his blood pressure needs to slow down a bit. Dr K. was very happy to see how Fofinho looked more active and stable. She said to me it would not be necessary to repeat the blood tests for now , but it would be advisable to do it in June.

Now, that Fofinho is better and I'm more relaxed with this situation, I would like to share with you some useful information related to the overall veterinary costs: doctor's appointments, medication, exams, treatments and food. Many of our readers are from Portugal and, as we know, emigration has been increasing in our country. So, if you are Portuguese, you are thinking about emigrating to the Netherlands and you would like to bring your cat with you, I hope this information will give you an idea about the overall veterinary costs.

This is only my experience. I don't know if the costs are more or less the same in other Dutch cities/provinces, but you can compare this information with the costs  that you have in Portugal and decide what is the better option for you - to bring your pet with you or to let him with your relatives (temporarily or not).

Fofinho's Veterinary Costs

(The current VAT for appointments, exams, treatments and pets food is 21%, but until last September was 19%. The medication's VAT is still 6%)

Check-up (last appointment): € 38.50

Evening appointment (July 2012): € 65


For the blood pressure: Norvasc (€5.25) + suspendeergel 30 ml (€4.60) + syringe (€0.30) = € 10.15

He has been taking 1 ml /day. That means each small bottle (this medication is prepared by the vet) is for 30 days. But now his vet told me to give him 1.25 ml /day.

For the heart: Atenolol  € 10.40 (each 40 days)

For the kidneys: Benakor € 16.90

The fluids for the kidneys: 4 units of Lactetrol 500 ml  (€33.40) + 8 needles (€1.95) + infuussystem (€5.70) = € 41.05

We need to give him 120 ml every time. Lately, Fofinho is receiving fluids once a week, but during the last 5 months, he received fluids 4 times a week, that means 4 bottles/month (each one has 500 ml). Now, one bottle is enough for one month.

The laxative: Laxactrat  €13.40

I give him 3 ml /day, and only if he needs it. In the beginning, I used to give 15 ml/day because he weighed more.

Total cost/month (last January): € 76.10 (because Fofinho is now taking only one bottle of fluids per month)


Bloeddrukmeting (blood pressure measure): € 27.55 (last January)

Urine kit:  €19.40

Geriatric tests (urine and blood tests, included the thyroxine values): € 83.15

Ultrasound:  € 142.37

Except for the ultrasound, all the other tests were done more than once.


Fluids administration by the veterinary: € 13.10
(since September the fluids are being given by us)

Giving an injection: € 7.75
(and then you must add the cost of the product given in the injection)

Microlax: € 7.25

Versifel RC (vaccine given once a year): € 58.80

Fofinho's 3 hours stay in the veterinary clinic: € 41.35


Vet Aquadent 500 ml: € 19.85

I put 2 ml/day in the water.

Comb: € 5.00


k/d kat can 156gr (1 unit of wet food): € 2.37

I buy 4 units/month. The vet advised me to avoid wet food because of Fofinho's teeth. I give him a tea spoon every afternoon as a snack and that's all.

k/d kat 1,5 kg (dry food): € 19.25

Enough for a month.

Total costs (last January): € 28.73

Costs evaluation:

January's total cost: € 170.80 (doctor's appointment and blood pressure measure included).
Expected cost this month: € 104.83 (without the doctor's appointment and the blood pressure measure).

I hope this information will help you. Nevertheless, check always with your veterinary the possibility of a health insurance for your pet - especially if he/she is young - and the extras associated with (like dental treatment, for example). Thanks, Teresa, for the tip!. ;-)

Have a nice week! :-)


Sami said...

Lovely that Fofinho is getting better Sandra.
Very strange that the vet advised against wet food, because of the teeth. I don't know about the teeth, but my vet advises against dry food because of kidney problems. And from information I read online, they also advise the same.
It's always expensive to go the the vet, once when Fluffy (one of my 5 cats) was very sick, dehydrated, etc, he had to stay overnight for observation, plus the blood tests, etc...I landed up paying about 800$! I nearly fainted when I saw the bill!!

Presépio no Canal said...

Hi Sami :-)
Fofinho eats a prescription diet (wet and dry) from Royal Canin or Hills, proper for renal failure, with low protein levels. I can only buy it in the vet clinic.
The wet food sticks a little bit to his teeth and now he doesn't eat it as often as before.
Bjs! :-)

Teresa said...

Fico contente por saber que o Fofinho continua a conseguir ultrapassar os problemas de saúde dele.

O teu guia é muito útil para quem não tem ideia nenhuma dos custos com a saúde dos animais por cá que podem ser muito elevados. Para quem tem gatos velhotes como nós já não é possível fazer seguro de saúde mas noutros casos pode ser uma boa opção para evitar estas surpresas mais tarde.


Presépio no Canal said...

Interessante a questão que levantas dos seguros de saúde para animais de estimação. Lembro-me de ter visto uns folhetos na clínica veterinária, mas só passei com os olhos de raspão(cada vez que ia lá, ia sempre tão aflita...). Ora aí está um post que poderia ser muito útil. Chegaste a considerar a opção dos seguros? Se sim, já sabes que um guest post teu é sempre muito bem-vindo neste cantinho. ;-)
Beijinhos! :-)

Teresa said...

Infelizmente não posso ajudar neste assunto, tal como tu também vi apenas uns folhetos no veterinário e na Hema com seguros de saúde para animais. Como as minhas gatas já ultrapassavam a idade máxima para poderem ter seguro (10 anos se não me engano) a ideia ficou logo posta de lado.
Para quem tem bichos mais jovens que os nossos vale a pena saber que existe esta possibilidade de fazer um seguro básico ou acrescentar extras como fisioterapia e dentista. Em Portugal estes seguros também existem mas acho que são muito menos divulgados, o que não me espanta visto que ainda temos muito que andar para chegar perto dos holandeses no que diz respeito à forma como tratamos os animais.

Presépio no Canal said...

Verdade. Nesse caso, ainda hoje, faço uma chamadinha de atençào no post para a possibilidade de seguros de saúde dos animais de estimação. Bem lembrado, Teresa. No entanto, para a próxima que vá à clínica veterinária, trago alguns folhetos para ver com mais atenção. Agora fiquei curiosa para saber das condições.
Beijinhos! :-)

ana said...

Desconhecia a existência de seguros para animais.
O Fofinho é um grande gato tigrado parece o gato da Alice.
Tão lindo e como não tem receio/timidez perante a neve.

Beijinhos. :))

Presépio no Canal said...

O Fofinho gosta muito de novidades. É muito curioso...:-))
Também desconhecia que houvesse seguros de saúde para animais de estimação, até ver os folhetos na clínica veterinária. A ver se trago alguns, quando for buscar mais medicamentos.
Bjs!! :-)