Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Midland Classic Show IV - Memories of World War II

Last Sunday, it was the Midland Classic Show , in Almere. If you like old cars, it's the ideal exibithion to go. This blog entry is about what we saw in Midland Classic Show related to World War II.

Saudação Militar (Continência)

From Classic Midland Show 2009

Memórias da Segunda Guerra Mundial

" The German army invaded the Netherlands on 10 May 1940. Germany had planned to conquer the country in one day, but after meeting unexpectedly fierce resistance, it finally forced the Dutch army to capitulate on 14 May 1940 by bombing Rotterdam and threatening to bomb other cities. The heart of the city was almost completely destroyed by the German Luftwaffe, and 800 people were killed, while about 80,000 others were made homeless. Ossip Zadkine later captured the event strikingly with his statue Stad zonder hart ('City without a heart'). The City Hall survived the bombing. The statue is now located near the Leuvehaven, not far from the Erasmusbrug in the centre of the city, on the north shore of the river Nieuwe Maas."

From Wikipedia

From Classic Midland Show 2009

Costuma dizer-se que os neerlandeses ainda não gostam muito dos alemães, apesar de actualmente serem vizinhos cordiais e parceiros económicos...
O bombardeamento de Rotterdam, a ocupação dos Países Baixos na 2ª Guerra Mundial, a perseguição aos judeus de que Anne Frank nos deixou um legado, os campos de concentração como o de Westerbork, as memórias e os relatos dos avós e familiares mais velhos (aconselho a leitura do último livro da Miep Gies), a resistência neerlandesa...
Foi uma época muito dura para os Países Baixos...

From Classic Midland Show 2009

From Classic Midland Show 2009

Uma curiosidade: a assinatura de Paul Verhoven, o conhecido realizador neerlandês, neste jipe militar...

From Classic Midland Show 2009

No final, podíamos comprar um destes casacos... estavam à venda por valores acessíveis...

From Classic Midland Show 2009

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Aledys Ver said...

Very interesting, Presépio! Wherever you go here in the Netherlands, you find reminders of that horrible part of the recent history of the NEtherlands (and Europe, of course).
Thanks for sharing all this!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sandra darling,

I am sorry to have missed the last blog post; my job is so demanding this year. I barely have time to eat and sleep! I must go now, but I wanted to visit with you; like always, your posts reflect the interesting culture in which you have been introduced to and it makes me yearn to visit you!!!!! Have a great day my friend. Anita

Presépio no Canal said...

Ma cherie, merci pour venir me visiter. Je sais que tu as beaucoup de travail a faire :)

Bisous, ma cherie. :)