Thursday, 16 September 2010

Casa de Sezim: a historical portuguese house

For so many years, I wished to go there, to Casa de Sezim, and stay for a while. This vacation, I went there and just stayed one night, but at least, I saw the house and its beautiful walls. Next time, I will stay more time. :-)

From Casa de Sezim

Antonio Pinto de Mesquita, the owner of this charmante house, was an embassador. Here we see a photo with him and Queen Elisabeth II when she visited Portugal in February 1957.

From Casa de Sezim

This historical house is in the present family since 1376. Its XIX century panoramic wallpapers with scenes from both the new and the old world became a motive of international curiosity because of their rarity.

From Casa de Sezim

Casa de Sezim is happily situated in Guimaraes, Portugal's first capital, also an exquisite city.

From Casa de Sezim

In this historical house, the breakfast is served in this terrace with view to the gardens. Very nice!! We enjoyed so much!

From Casa de Sezim

We just stayed one night and enjoyed the house for one morning, but the friendly welcome of the owners and the staff made us wish to come there again ;-)

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Or you can buy this book. It is in Portuguese and in English.

From Coisas Minhas


ana said...

Que post bonito!
Já li bastante sobre esta Casa de Sezim. Estive lá perto mas não entrei. vejo que perdi a serenidade e a beleza intemporal!

Margarida Elias said...

Que sítio extraordinário. Gosto muito de turismo de habitação e parece-me que na Casa de Sezim deve ser uma experiência maravilhosa. As paredes pintadas são muito bonitas. Não conhecia!


Presépio no Canal said...

@Margarida: Vale de facto a pena. Os papeis pintados sao lindos ;-) Os jardins, os quartos, as casas de banho, os corredores, as salas. Gostava de la ficar 3 dias. Para a proxima, de certeza. Eu sabia que nao ia com tempo suficiente, mas vivi cada minuto intensamente.
Optamos, por entrar com o carro, logo em Miranda (da qual penso falar amanha, pois e o Dia da Lingua Mirandesa), em vez de Vilar Formoso, dando assim para aproveitar mais um bocadinho.
Eu tambem gosto muito de turismo de habitacao ;-)
Muito, mesmo ;-)

Pinay in Dutchland said...

I've heard so much about Portugal but the capital city Lisbon. Wishing one day I can visit.

Which is your favorite place in your country?

Presépio no Canal said...

@Pinay: Hallo, my dear,

Douro is my favorite one :-) Did you see the post about it? ;-)
I like also Sintra, a historical town nearby Lisbon.
There is a beach in Sintra, Praia da Adraga ( I put already a photo in the blog), it is one of my favorites and also considered one of the best in Europe.
Comporta and Costa Nova beaches are also in my favorites.
Azoren (Acores) islands, I never been there, but by the photos that I 've already seen, it is beautiful.
I like also the historical villages/castles in Beiras.
My favorite cities are Guarda, Guimaraes, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo and Porto.
In the south, I like Vila Vicosa, Monsaraz,Marvao and Tavira.
Go there and just enjoy ;-)
All the country is beautiful ;-)

Unknown said...

You stayed there for the night? Beautiful!!! Ah you travel in style, my friend!! (you're not very "ingeburgerd" yet, Dutch people prefer a caravan in a camping site hahaha)
Wonderful place, it must be fantastic to be a guest there, in a historical house like this. These tips are great for those that want to visit one day. Thanks for sharing....

Presépio no Canal said...

Dear Aledys, ;-)

Well, I'm a stylish woman LOL... yes, indeed I like to stay in historical houses and I know some of them quite well ;-) I like it very much! ;-)
When you decide to go to Portugal, you will go with ME, because I want you to see some special places ;-) one or two of these, for example. ;-)
Oh, Nederlanders...they are everywhere LOL... oh, Dear God! I will talk about that in the next entries...
I had my "camping times" when I did Inter Rail, 14 years ago.
I also slept in Zurich trainstation to get the train of 4 o'clock in the morning...;-)