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Portuguese/Dutch Inspiration

Jacoba, you are so generous, gentle, sweet, and quite a woman of the world!!!

Thank you so much for this beautiful and touching cadeautje (gift)!

From the Blog " Les Trois Jardins"

Portuguese/Dutch Inspiration

Rijka Bleeker (Women in Dutch decorative arts and design 1880-1940)
Girl from the island 'Walcheren', the most southwesternly island of Holland

"A few years ago we flew from Amsterdam to Lisbon. The sky was wall to wall blue, which meant we had a magnificent view on everything we left behind, as from the takeoff to the happy landings in Lisbon. It is always exciting and fun to figure out what you recognize from the patchwork scenery below you.
As I watched the Dutch coast line, the islands of Zeeland in the south, Belgium, France and in the end Portugal appearing, my head was spinning round. On the memories I had on many places passing by, on places I still wanted to go to and also looking forward to the things we had planned to see and do in Lisbon.
After having passed the Pyrenees the plane made a huge loop nearing Lisbon. The view from my seat was literally ‘out of this world’. I wàs out of the world; I was watching the universe, the planet and Portugal. It was an extraordinary moment, mystical almost.
Later that week I would experience yet another similar moment, sitting on the banks of the Rio Tejo and seeing the sun going down at the mouth of the river, sinking in the Atlantic Ocean – red and huge – huger – hugest! Moments when you hold your breath because of the beauty that you see and experience.

I love Portugal because it means a lot to me. Out at sea, seeing Cape St Vincent (and thus Europe) appearing on the horizon after having been away for many months, is forever impressive. I love Portugal because of the Atlantic Ocean touching its shores, the food, the culture, the history, the countryside, the people.
My question if a farmer I met on one of my cycle trips in the Portuguese country side was a Frenchman was answered by standing up by him, putting a hand on his heart and proudly saying ‘Non, je suis Portugais moi!’
Portuguese are seafarers, like the Dutch they have always wanted to know what is behind the sea horizon.
This has brought them far! And Sandra to Holland.

Sandra is from Portugal, lives on Dutch reclaimed land. Her experiences living in Holland mixed with her memories on Portugal and travels are fun and inspiring to read on her enthusiastic blog ‘Presepio com Vista para o Canal’ and the blog on Portugal ‘Terras de Luz e Mar’.
When Sandra posted her story ‘Celebrating Kings Day with my Typical Dutch Tea Set’ on the ‘Bolus Rei’ (Portuguese King’s Cake) it appeared to me that the dough she was describing is very similar to that of the ‘Zeeuwse Bolus’. Sandra jumped into the history of this and discovered the pastry was introduced by Sephardi Jew bakers in the 17th century in Middelburg and posted a story on this.

I am looking forward to her reports on visiting the ‘Bolusbaking Championships Zeeland’ in Middelburg on the 12th week of the year, as she announced on her blog to go and visit and taste! I hope she will see some of the colorful traditional costumes and accessories of Zeeland as well.
These days we do not wear those costumes anymore, but women of today still wear the coral jewelry in a new adapted way.

Sandra has awarded me with the Sunshine Award 2011. It was such a surprise to read this in my comments the day before yesterday. Thank you so much, Sandra! I am very flattered by this, but feel shy over it just the same!
The coral red flower of the award has inspired me to write this on our Portuguese/Dutch mutual history and interest.

It has been wonderful to meet you in Blogland, Sandra, and I hope to share a lot more of our Portuguese/Dutch travels and interests!"

You too, my dear, it was worderful, wonderful to meet you! :-)

This music is to celebrate the Portuguese/Dutch inspiration ;-) my dear friend :-)

Blof and Cristina Branco, Dansen aan Zee


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Bonita história. Boa noite e bjs!

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Such a beautiful post! I could almost feel, with Jacoba, the awe at the wonderful sight of lands she was flying over, that sunset in Portugal! Very touching post...

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Hallo beautiful! Oh, the Dutch connection in art and culture, soooo inspiring indeed! HOW ARE YOU PRECIOUS? Anita