Thursday, 7 April 2011

De Negen Straatjes

They are The Nine Little Streets where we can find the most cute and different stores in Amsterdam. They are the De Negen Straatjes (As Nove Ruazinhas).

De Negen Straatjes are...

De Negen Straatjes are nine side little streets located in the most fashionable Amsterdam district, the Jordaan, where we can find galleries, restaurants and speciality shops:antiques and curiosities, gifts and toys, interior and design, clothing and fashion, art and culture, music and hobbies, jewelry and acessories, fabric and haberdashery, bags, shoes and vintage clothings.

...and they are located in...

Happily situated in the Canal Belt (Grachtengordel), De Negen Straatjes offers the possibility to enjoy the most beautiful Amsterdam canals: the Herengracht or "Lords Canal", the Keizersgracht or "Emperor's Canal" and the Prinsengracht or "Princes Canal".

And the streets names are...

Most of the streets names are related with the historical activity of this district, the fur trade (comércio de peles).
Some examples are the Huidenstraat (Furs Street/Rua das Peles), Berenstraat (Beers Street/Rua dos Ursos), the Wolvenstraat
(Wolves Street/Rua dos Lobos) and the Reestraat (Roe Deers Street/Rua das Corças).

When in Amsterdam, I go...

Generally, when I go to Amsterdam, I usually walk nearby De Negen Straatjes, in the Singel canal. I lunch at Singel 404, I have my prayers in the stunning Saint Francis Church and sometimes I like to buy some flowers in the Bloemenmarket (the Flower Market).
I also like to pay a visit to the Book Market in the Spui and see all those pretty old books. Sometimes, I go to the American Book Center, located in the same square, if I wish to buy an English written book.
Finally, I enjoy to have a small walk in The Begijnhof, this pearl of silence in the middle of Amsterdam, and have an espresso at the Amsterdams Historisch Museum.

My first outing in De Negen Straatjes was... only two months ago.

So, believe it or not, I only went to the Negen Straatjes two months ago. I must say I don't go so often to Amsterdam, in spite of its proximity to Almere (about 25 minutes by train). The Netherlands are not only Amsterdam and I like to know other cities. But now, with my friend Raquel living there, I come more often, at least once per month. Last time, we went to the Rijksmuseum.
In January, I talked to Raquel about a walk in De Negen Straatjes. "Seems fine!" she said and we went there.
We took the tram to the Spui and we started our visit in the Wijde Heisteeg street.
At the number 7, I saw a vitrine that caught my attention and I told to Raquel I would like to enter there. They had bags and clothes on sale. I thought I didn't need to go elsewhere. I saw two bags and two blouses I would like to buy. Surprise, surprise, the store had no ATM. I could understand why: very good quality articles for very affordable prices.

De geldautomaat/ A caixa multibanco: differences between The Netherlands and Portugal

Generally, I only have € 20 in my pocket because I pay everything with the pinpas (cartão multibanco). However, when I took the train to Amsterdam, I had no money with me. So, when I arrived there, I searched for a geldautomaat (ATM/Caixa Multibanco) in the Centraal Station. I found an ING one and I clicked on "geld opnemen" (withdraw money/levantar dinheiro) and got my € 20 (I thought I would pay my shopping with the pinpas). However, ING is not my bank. ABN-AMRO is. If I needed to get more money from an ATM on that day, I only could do it in an ABN-AMRO ATM. Yes, a bit different from Portugal where we can withdraw money in the nearest available ATM .

I asked in the store for the nearest ATM and the gentleman said it was in the Albert Heijn supermarket near the Muntplein. "Could you, please, keep the articles until I come back from the ATM?' I asked. He said "Yes!" and we took the Singelgracht in direction to the Muntplein.

In the Netherlands, even in Amsterdam, we don't find so many ATM's as in the portuguese streets. So, we needed to walk a bit. Arriving there, we noticed the ATM was not a ABN-AMRO, but an ING. Then I remembered I couldn't get any money there. I asked to someone where was the nearest ABN-AMRO ATM and I got my answer: "Leidseplein!"
I thought "The store owner will assume I'm not coming back today!!!"
Finally, I got my money and I returned to the store. He was already displaying the things again. I apologized for my delay, explaining the situation.

Do you like the bags I've bought?

These are the Italian bags I bought for €25 each. They are made of leather. Do you think they were worth the effort?

From Coisas Minhas

From Coisas Minhas

I want and I need to come to this store again.

Other stores

We were a bit tired by then, but, nevertheless, we saw some other stores. One that I liked very much was Laura Dolls. Its Vintage Clothings are something else!!
Maybe next time I will buy something there. :-)

And you? What are your favourite stores in De Negen Straatjes?


Italian Fashion Outlet
Wijde Heisteeg 7


Margarida Elias said...

As malas são lindas! Bj!

ana said...

Também gostei das malas! Agora ando mais apologista de mochilas mas é por uma questão de comodismo.
Bjs. :)

Aledys Ver said...

Very nice bags!! Which one is mine? :D
I have been in the area (even with you?) but I haven't done a specific tour of the area, with map and everything and I intend to do it some time.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

SEE! You are a fabulous source of the BEST in your country! I HAVE TO FIND THESE STREETS when I go to see you dear heart!!!! Anita

Presépio no Canal said...
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Presépio no Canal said...

We go together, dear Anita, a gils outing! ;-) I will print the map of the Negen Stratjes! I know you love Vintage clothings, bijoux, etc.: D Veel kusjes!!

Presépio no Canal said...

Margarida e Ana: Obrigada!! Bjs!!

Sara said...

Fiquei a pensar nas ATM. De facto, aqui em Portugal estão "em todo o canto e esquina". Uma prova de como o consumo foi facilitado, para além de toda a sensatez...
Mas falando de coisas mais animadas, gostei das tuas malas sim, principalmente da castanha. :)
Beijinhos e bom fim de semana!

Presépio no Canal said...

Ola Sara :-)

Confesso, que o ATM aqui irrita-me um bocadinho.
Davam jeito mais caixas MB. O meu bairro, por exemplo, e enorme e que eu tenha conhecimento, so ha uma caixa ATM, que por acaso fica no supermercado.
Por outro lado, so podemos levantar dinheiro e ver o saldo.
Tambem nao gosto do facto de apos o primeiro levantamento, so podermos ir a caixa multibanco do nosso banco (pelos menos com o ABN e assim, calculo que com os outros tambem). Elas ja sao poucas, se ainda tenho de procurar pela do meu banco...
Bom, verdade seja dita, que acaba por ser pedagogico. Contam-se pelos dedos da mao (nem tanto), as vezes que vou ao ATM por mes para levantar dinheiro. Pago as contas via net ou as compras com o pinpas. Levantamentos quase nao os faco. Acabamos por poupar, it's true.
Bjs! Bom fim-de-semana! Por aqui, esta sol!!!