Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter, Sun and Spring

Tina Turner, GoldenEye

Everything ok around here. Just enjoying the sun and the Easterdays (Sunday and Monday).
We went to the Keukenhof yesterday. I will share the photos with you as soon as possible.
Sunday was a very warm day too and we went to Katwijk aan Zee, a beautiful beach nearby the city of Leiden. However, when we arrived there, it was very windy and we just stayed in de terrace eating bitterballen and drinking bitter lemon.
Saturday we had a very nice BBQ with friends in their acthertuin (backyard). Gezellig! ;-)
Friday afternoon was "Sandra's time"! ;-)
My lunch was great! I enjoyed a boerenomelet at the Beren, sitting on the terrace in front of the lake.
Then I went to the kapsalon (the hairdresser) and to the schoonheidssalon (beauty salon) to prepare myself for the Spring.
In the evening, we went to the Japanese restaurant Kimono in Almere Stad to taste the new sushis. Lekker! Absolutely delicious! No photos, I'm afraid! Next time! :-) I was too lazy, sorry! :-)
The day before, Friday evening, about 18 o'clock, we went to Almere Haven, the oldest Almere's district, to enjoy a Salada Julia in de restaurant Krab aan de Haven. Then we went for a walk, enjoying a delicious Mariola icecream.
This was a very good week! :-)
You know how Dutch sunny weeks are: a lot of outdoor activities! Walking, bicycling, sailing, going to the beach, staying in a gezellig terrace, laying down in the park or in the backyard, enjoying the sun or making picnics and BBQ's! Each day is a celebration!
Oh, I love Spring in the Netherlands!!


Margarida Elias said...

Boa Primavera!:)))

Aledys Ver said...

Will I recognise you when I see you tomorrow?!!! :D
Sounds great, Sandra - lots of relaxing, enjoying and good food! We were busy taking shots of the tulip fields on the Noordoostpolder on Saturday. Sunday we spent at home, with a friend and the in-laws and yesterday, with other friends... no bbq, though - here there's a bbq "verbod" due to the drought.