Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Sweet Christmas Eve

Last weekend, we have enjoyed a very pleasant Christmas Eve. Let me share with you some of those sweet moments. Specially, how we always try to keep our Portuguese traditions. ;-)

In Portugal we are used to eat cod fish with potatoes and cabbages at Christmas Eve. My mother always offers the cod fish for this special night. However, this time, we decided to eat it "à lagareiro", one of the thousand ways how we eat cod fish in Portugal.

From Natal 2011

Mommy also offered me "línguas de gato" (cat tongues), one of my dearest childhood memories. ;-) So sweet of her! Thank you, mommy!!

My friend A. sent me the chourizos to make "Caldo Verde", our traditional and delicious New Year's Eve soup. Thank you, my dear!

My goddaughter's mother also gave me a very sweet present: homemade decorated cookies. ;-) She knows how I appreciate homemade gifts. :-)

From Natal 2011

A very nice surprise was also my mother's neighbour's gift. She knows me since I was born and she does beautiful and lovely crochet works. M., who is now 87 years, is a very talented lady! Look where I will put the bon bons next time! Several pieces like this one with bon bons make a very special effect on the table.

From Natal 2011

Christmas means traditions and rituals. One is my husband's gift, generally a parfum. This time, I chose Pure White Linen Coral by Estée Lauder.

From Natal 2011
But, he had a surprise for me: two Occitane facial creams. Very useful now with this cold!

From Natal 2011
My goddaughter also wanted to protect me from the low temperatures. She gave me polar socks.

From Natal 2011

A Christmas present that should never be missed in my sock is a book. I was very glad when I unwrapped my godmother's gift: Agatha Christie's autobiography!!! I love you, Madrinha!

From Natal 2011

Finally, the touch of Dutch of this special evening: poffertjes!!

From Natal 2011

I've enjoyed my Christmas Eve very much!

I hope you have enjoyed yours too!

Thank you all for your sweet Christmas Cards, emails and sms's.


A Touch of Dutch said...

This is wonderful, all of the treats you've received! I especially love the polar socks your goddaughter sent, which [as I know from experience] is a nice touch for those colder winter evenings in NL. Especially if one has wood floors like I had ;-) Ik wens je een gezond en gelukkig 2012!

Presépio no Canal said...

:-) Hallo, Isabella! So glad to see you here!
Yes, you are right!
The polar socks are so comfortable and fluffy. ;-) Lekker!
Ik wens je ook een gezond en gelukkig 2012! :-)
Have fun!
PS: Here it's raining so much!

ana said...

Tão querido teres recebido as lembranças. Gostava de ver o sorriso ao abrir cada uma delas.
Beijinhos e Bom Ano de 2012!

Presépio no Canal said...

:-) Obrigada, Ana! Para ti, tambem! :-)
Beijinhos e Bom Ano de 2012!

Aledys Ver said...

Very nice presents and food!! I'm curious about the caldo verde, how that tastes... somehow it makes me think of erwtensoep :D
Loved the homemade biscuits, the crochet bomboniere and the book, and the socks, and the perfume, and... ALL OF IT! I wish I were you, in short hahaha

Presépio no Canal said...

:-)) I'm sure you had some nice presents too ;-))
Well, you will have another one very soon ;-)
Caldo Verde is less thick than etwtensoep. Do you want to lunch here before going to A'dam, so you can taste it?

Margarida Elias said...

Que espectáculo! Desde o bacalhau ao caldo verde, passando pelas línguas de gato (os meus filhos gostam muito), até aos presentes. Fiquei curiosa sobre as bolachinhas holandesas, que parecem pequenas panquecas. Muitos beijinhos!

Presépio no Canal said...

Ai, Margarida,
Os poffertjes sabem tao bem nesta altura, barrados com manteiga e polvilhados com acucar :-)
Estes foram feitos ca em casa. :-)
Nao sei porque, ainda nao os vi a venda na rua aqui em Almere, como e habitual encontrar desde Novembro.
Faltou-me pedir uma coisa ao Menino Jesus: chocolates Regina. Eu gostava muito das sombrinhas ;-)