Thursday, 15 December 2011


After those wonderful two weeks in Greece, I went to Portugal specially to visit my mother and do her big house cleaning. My mother is now 73, she is a widow and has many difficulties to do some of the chores because of her back and bone problems. Living in a second floor without a lift, it's not possible  anymore for her to carry heavy bags full of old things to the garbage or to take heavy bags full of clothes, shoes and other stuff to give away. My mom has the help of a lady who goes there once a week to do the usual cleaning, but that's all.

Initially, I was planning to stay about two weeks in Portugal, but soon I realized that I would need to stay more time- in fact the whole month- to do the proper visits to my family and friends, and specially to finish my job. The last big cleaning I've done there was five years ago.

I was very tired when I arrived here. I have worked until the last minute, but I was happy because I left everything organized for my mom to enjoy her everyday life in a much smoothier way, like reaching easily the things in the cupboard without the danger of domestic accidents. You already know how careful I am with my mommy.

So, I guess you can imagine how nice it was, after a month of hard work, to arrive in the Netherlands and see the new flowerbed's brick fence in the front garden as well as the pebbles to reduce the amount of weed.
A very nice surprise from my hubby! :-)

From Coisas Minhas - Jardim

I was so happy with the new look of the front garden that I went to Blokker to buy some kabouters or gnomes. I also bought some mushrooms. According to Dutch Mythology, a kabouter is a tiny folkloric man who traditionally wears a pointy red hat, lives in harmony with nature and resides in mushrooms. (Wikipedia)

Do you like my kabouters? :-)

From Coisas Minhas - Jardim

From Coisas Minhas - Jardim

From Coisas Minhas - Jardim
From Coisas Minhas - Jardim

From Coisas Minhas - Jardim

The end result...;-)

From Coisas Minhas - Jardim

Yes, the hortensias changed from blue to pink. That is because of the soil.
Looking at my hortensias, I believe they have missed me during my stay in Portugal, don't you agree? ;-)

I think we have done a very good job in the front garden. As you already may know, during last Spring, we have cleaned the weed, took away the previous plants and the tree in front of the doorway, painted the fences and the doorpost and also planted the hortensias.

I hope next Spring to finish the other flowerbeds. And have more photos to share with you, of course!! :-))

Stay well!


Sami said...

I like the little kabouters (funny name), they look cute. I was given some hydrangeas (hortenses) by a Portuguese friend, but are taking a long time to grow. They have to be in the shade, as the heat here is too much for them.

Margarida Elias said...

Adorei os bonecos e gosto muito de hortenses. São sempre lindas! Bjs!

Aledys Ver said...

Your kabouters are very cute! I think they go with your style, Sandrinha! Do they have names? :D
This weekend is the Dickens Festival in Deventer. Are you going?

ana said...

Adoro hortenses e os bonecos são gíros!
Bom fim-de-semana!
Bjs. :))