Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter 2012

This year's Easter...

Chocolates from Knusz

a lovely store in Almere Haven, where we went for the first time this year.
These chocolates are absolutely delicious!
I want to come back there, not only to try other ones, but also to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. It seems they have a nice selection of them too...

From Easter 2012


the Dutch Easter traditional bread. We bought it in a traditional bakery, also in Almere Haven.

From Easter 2012

I love to eat a slice of it on Sunday Easter breakfast with a cup of barley coffee.

From Easter 2012

Portuguese traditions were not forgotten, of course.
From a delicious roasted lamb on Sunday Easter lunch...

From Easter 2012

to a glass of Port wine with a chocolate ;-)

From Easter 2012

We usually buy the lamb in a Moroccan butcher in Almere Haven who also has a grocery store. Every time I go there, it seems I am in Portugal. His grocery store is so similar to the Portuguese traditional ones...

Ah! I was very glad to see that this year Blokker's Easter table was set up with the famous Portuguese Vista Alegre's porcelain. Goed zo!! ;-)

From Easter 2012

Nest is a word that we usually relate to Easter. These photos were taken during our walk yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed it very much, by the way. I'm very glad to live here, surrounded by Nature. :-)

From Easter 2012

From Easter 2012

From Easter 2012

Then it was time to watch some movies.
In this one, we had some glimpses of Amsterdam... ;-)

A cozy and relaxed Easter. Very nice! We needed it!
I hope you have enjoyed a nice Easter too! :-)

Stay well! :-)


DeeBee L. said...

These chocolate look delicious and gorgeous! Happy Easter Monday!

Citizen_Stu said...

That Easter egg looks too good :)

Presépio no Canal said...

DeeBee: Happy Easter to you too! :-)

Stu: This chocolaterie is gorgeous. A must go! Almere Haven has many interesting winkeltjes, Stu. And also nice restaurants in the harbour. :-)

restlessjo said...

Definitely a feast for the eyes!
Glad you had a good Easter.

Presépio no Canal said...

Hi, Jo :-)

I hope you have enjoyed a nice Easter too! :-)

Glad to see you here as always. :-)


Sara said...

Olá Sandra,

a tua Páscoa foi recheada de coisas boas. Que bom!
Por cá também houve muitos doces, até porque no domingo também comemoramos o aniversário da minha mãe. Festa a dobrar!
Também foi nesta breve paragem de Páscoa que visitei Guimarães e tirei as fotografias do post. Obrigada! Que bom que gostaste! A cidade merece ser mostrada :))
Beijinhos e que tenhas uma óptima semana!

Aledys Ver said...

Dear Ms. Presépio,
I am writing in reference to the afore shown box of chocolates that was supposed to be delivered last weekend at my address in the city o Zwollywood, to let you know that to this date, I have not yet received it.
Your charming wife from Zwollywood.