Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dutch Traditions: Sint Maarten dag

November, 11

Saint Martin Day/ Sint Maarten dag

I will wait for the children this evening. They will knock to my door with their lampionnen and sing Sint Maartensliedjes ( Saint Martin songs).
I have the candies (snoepjes) and the fruit ready to give them, if they sing well, of course ;-))

See the video to know how it will be.

Sint-Maarten, Sint-Maarten is jarig vandaag.
Nu branden de lichtjes dat doen wij zo graag.

Elf november is de dag dat mijn lichtje, dat mijn lichtje.
Elf november is de dag, dat mijn lichtje branden mag.

Sint-Maarten, Sint-Maarten, de koeien hebben staarten.
De meisje hebben rokjes aan. Daar komt Sint-Martinus aan.
Geef een appel of een peer. Ik kom het hele jaar niet weer.
Het hele jaar dat duurt zo lang, tot mijn lichtje branden kan.

Bom dia de Sao Martinho!

Have a nice Saint Martin Day!


Anita said...

It is storming and no way I go out with the kids tonight. I did my job already - I walked with a small group of kids from my little girl's school, just like other moms. I just decided I am not going to a child's party in Purmerend either. I am Brazilian at this moment - when it rains I discover I am made of sugar.

Presépio no Canal said...


It's terrible too here. Rai and wind! Oh, It would be my first Sint Maarten. Last year, with the removals, I saw the kids in the streets when I was carrying out the stuff between homes, but of course I had nothing prepared to give them. :-(

Margarida Elias said...

Que engraçado. Aqui o costume é o pão por Deus a 1 de Novembro. As crianças não cantam, mas também recebem doces. Pelos vistos as tradições ligam-se.:)
Bom dia de S. Martinho!

Presépio no Canal said...

:-) Obrigada, para ti tambem :-) Aqui choveu imenso. So apareceram duas criancas com a mae a porta durante os 20 minutos que nao choveu. Tive mesmo pena! Bjs!

ana said...

Adoro o David Bowie. O charme a música e a interpretação estranha como só ele é capaz.
Obrigada por este momento e pelas palavras queridas que deixou na minha janela!
Bjs :)