Friday, 12 November 2010

Learning a New Language

This week, I watched this video at Insego-smart expats netwoork.

What do you think about it?

" [people who are learning a new language] are forced to talk before they are ready." (slide 11)

"[...] language [...] the physical skill it truly is."(slide 29)

"Most people never reach fluency because they spend to much time learning about the language and not enough time actually acquiring it." (slide 36)

"Adults should go through a silent periode, too." (slide 67)

"The qualities of a good tutor" (slide 68)

David Bowie, Heroes


Patricia Sgrignuoli said...

I think that some of the thing said here are truth (in my experience). I "have to learn" english because it´s important for jobs. So when I was a girl of 5, my parents send me to an english school after the other school. Result: when I have 20 years old I hate english, but I realize that my parents are right about the need of it... Now, with 48 years old, I forgot a lot but with Internet I return to use it... of course, with a lot of mistakes!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Being a FRENCH IMMERSION teacher, I have to agree that the best and really ONLY way to really acquire a language is to SPEAK IT, even with all the mistakes. Our brains are set up for that. As babies, no one teaches us grammar paradigms...we imitate, we work through it....I totally agree that you must SPEAK IT. That is how I did it, having learned French at the age of 34 and now being fluent! BUT, having spoken Spanish as a child HELPED WIRE MY BRAIN for another Romance language! DEAREST, thank you for visiting me today and your friendship means the world to me! KEEP WORKING HARD!!!! BISES, Anita