Thursday, 23 June 2011

Disneyland Paris V

The restaurants where we went and more suggestions to enjoy the Park

We have tryed two restaurants at Disney Park, after our fast food experience on the first day. We noticed that we were spending more money with fast food than with a proper lunch (one hamburger here, a hot dog there, etc).
In my opinion, it's best to have a proper meal. As we could experience, we were more comfortable and energetic. On the other hand, we spent the same money as eating fast food along the day and we didn't have to stop several times to eat something.

At the Frontierland

We had a splendid morning in Frontierland! There you can visit the Phantom Manor! Don't miss it!

After, we went to the Silver Spur Steakhouse, where we enjoyed grilled meat and listened to some piano music. ;-)

This restaurant is located in front of the steamboat moor. Remember Mark Twain? ;-) Well, we did and we went for a trip in the Old Wild West. ;-)

From Eurodisney

At the Adventureland

The second restaurant where we went in Disney Park was the Blue Lagoon. Absolutely fantastic! We enjoyed exotic fish specialities and Creole cooking under the tropical moonlight, right in the heart of one of my favourite attractions, the Pirates of the Caribbean. We went there to lunch in the last day to say goodbye to Disneyland just comme il faut.

From Eurodisney

From Eurodisney

Last suggestions

At the Discoveryland

I also advise you to take a ride in the Star Tours! I liked it so much that I went for two rides! Don't leave the park without trying it! And be sure you do it before your lunch or dinner. ;-)

Before you leave the Park, take a look at the sidewalks in front of the Disney Hotel.
I photographed this one for obvious reasons. We live in Almere. :-) However, I noticed there were different symbols in each stone. Do you know what they mean?

From Eurodisney

I hope you have enjoyed this trip in Disneyland Paris!!! :-)

Stay well!!!


Sara said...

Bons conselhos que deixas aqui. E não há dúvida que o prato que aqui apresentas tem um aspeto incomparavelmente mais agradável que qualquer prato de fast food. Desconfio que o sabor acompanharia o aspecto :)
Bela jornada! :)
Beijinhos e bom fim-de-semana. Por aqui, aproveito o feriado de S. João :)))

Invader Stu said...

I've been to Disneyland Paris a few times. I love the place.