Friday, 6 August 2010

Chateau de Beloeil III

These are the photos of my favourite rooms in Castle Beloeil...

La Chambre d' Amblise

From Chateau de Beloeil

with this magnificent carved and gilded wooden bed, decorated in Genoa velvet.

From Chateau de Beloeil

The Field Marshals' Apartments

The bed of Field Marshal Prince Charles-Joseph de Ligne (1735-1814), the greatest belgian writer of the 18th Century.

From Chateau de Beloeil

The Library

From Chateau de Beloeil

This beautiful library gathers more than 20 000 books and precious manuscripts.

La Galerie

with three large paintings about battle scenes...

From Chateau de Beloeil

look at the details of this painting...

From Chateau de Beloeil

Salle de conférence

Here the magnificent painting of Eugenia de Montijo by
Winterhalter, one of my favourite painters.

From Chateau de Beloeil


Aledys Ver said...

This chateau is definitely a wonder. Marvelous details and so luxurious! ANd how wonderful that you were allowed to take photos to share then with us. I'd love to visit it some day!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said... have given me all the Castles Crowns and Cottages of my dreams...that pink bed is so regal and perfect. You are the best tour guide, Sandra! BISOUS! Anita