Sunday, 12 December 2010

Presepio Interviews...

International Almere is an English speaking organization whose aim is to connect and build essential social networks with people who understand the unique situation of being a foreigner in this modern Dutch city.

An interview with Connie Koorevaar-Goeks. (3rd Part)

- I met you in a Friday Night Drinks. Do you want to tell us where it takes place and how often?

- Friday Night Drinks is not a part of IA, but we do support the group and attend. FND takes place at Cafe Jordaaan officially 2 Fridays per month.The group leader is also there on the 3rd Friday in case anyone does want to go out. On the fifth Fridays ( which happens about 5-6 times per year ) usually that’s going out to a restaurant.

- IA also organizes Ladies Movie Nights...Will you tell us more about it?

- Ladies Movie Nights is very exciting and I love going. We started at the beginning of the year to attend Utopolis’s Ladies Movie Nights as a group because some of our members loved going, but didn’t go regularly. Five-Six times per year, Utopolis choses one movie to highlight as being “lady” friendly.What’s interesting is that the English language ones are always upbeat, romantic comedies and the Dutch language ones are usually “darker”.
We send out a notification of the upcoming movie and reserve the tickets ahead of time. Some of us meet up an hour ahead of time to have dinner and then all meet up 30 minutes beforehand to walk around the stalls that are setup especially for this event.

- IA provides a service called Almere Baby Club, is that right? What are the main activities of Almere Baby Club?

- Almere Baby Club is also not a part of IA, but we do support the group and also attend, if we have children 0-4. We hope to sponsor about two events per year with ABC as this group rarely attends our other functions. We are still searching for ways that we can support them in networking with each other and the larger community as a whole.

- And the activities schedule?

- It begins at 9:30 and goes to 11:30am on Wednesdays. There is singing and fruit eating and play and a chance for the parents to sit around, drink some coffee or tea and socialize. I think it’s so cute that they have a goodbye song.

- What are the prices of Almere Baby Club services?

- Two euro per family per visit or twenty euro per family for ten visits including coffee or tea and lastly fifteen euro per family for ten visits without coffee or tea. Most take the coffee and tea.

- How can a young mom contact Almere Baby Club?

- On our site we list the contact details for ABC.

- What are the following activities of IA? Where can we find you?

- Our upcoming event is the Family Christmas Party on December, 18.
All our events are listed on our sites, plus if one is on the mailing list they’ll receive a monthly newsletter and reminders of events.

- Is there something else you wish to say to our readers?

- They are welcome to join us at anytime.


Unknown said...

this is interesting! I wish there was a group like IA here in Z. Do you regularly attend?

Presépio no Canal said...

I went 3 times to Friday Night Drinks, 1 to Ladies Movies Night, 1 to Zuiderzee Museum :-)
Sometimes I met Connie for a lunch or a coffee :-)
Gezellig! :-)