Thursday, 2 December 2010

London: 221 B, Baker Street

21 November 2010

They say it's when life begins.. at 40's ;-)

I wanted to start this decade with the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :-)

And I did, not when Just a Plane Ride Away like in Casablanca, but with Just a Plane Ride Away... like Yaz ;-)

Yaz is living in London and I wanted to go there for my 40's.
We decided to meet each other in front of Sherlock Holmes house ;-)
After so many and funny talks in FB and specially in our own blogs and mails, it was very nice, finally, to meet Yaz :-)

From London

So, here I was, in a new city, ready to share an old passion with a new friend :-)

She gave me the most warm, cosy and welcoming hugs :-) I will never forget it...


Inside of the house, Dr Watson was expecting us. ;-)

I introduced myself and my friends. A very nice talk began. What a charming man!
I said I was from Portugal and why I was in London: to see The Phantom of the Opera and to listen to the beautiful voice of Sofia Escobar.
During our conversation, I became astonished with his detailed knowledge about Portugal. He knew about the difference between Fado of Lisboa and Fado of Coimbra and the cruises in Douro river, for example.
And no, he didn't mention Salazar, our former dictator, as usually happens when I say I'm Portuguese! Great Dr Watson! Goed zo!

From London

Afterwards, I asked for Sherlock Holmes. I haven't seen him yet and I thought maybe he was having problems with Professor Moriarty ;-)

From London

Sherlock Holmes doesn't like unexpected visits specially when he is concentrated on his chemistry experiments...;-)
"Maybe it's better this way, to do the visit without him around."...I thought...

Mrs Hudson was not there too, so we did the visit by ourselves.

Look at this beautiful table...

From London

or at this desk...:-)

From London

Sherlock Holmes continues to receive many letters...

From London

Look at this one, for example...

From London

In Sherlock Holmes house, we can also enjoy scenes of his famous adventures like, for example, A Scandal in Bohemia (1891).

From London

We enjoyed this visit very much as well as our typical British lunch with Fish and Chips in a pub close by. :-)

Thank you, my dear! Just love the mug you gave me!

From Coisas Minhas

Now, thanks to you, I will have forever and ever my five o'clock tea with Sherlock Holmes ;-) Kusjes, mijn lieve Yaz! :-)


Patricia Sgrignuoli said...

What a beautiful experience to know a new friend, in a new city and in the day of birthday!!!
I´m sure that you had a beautiful birthday and enjoyed it...

Happy 40´s!!!!!!!!!

Presépio no Canal said...

Thanks, Patricia! :-) I've indeed a wonderful day :-)
Yaz and her husband were great! It was very nice to meet them!
Beijinhos! :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OOOH! What a wonderful, wonderful treat for you dearest. I know the feeling of meeting a new friend in an old place....such a blessing.


Margarida Elias said...

Que divertido! Acho que o meu marido iria adorar fazer essa visita à casa de Sherlock Holmes.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh, so sweet, my dear friend! I loved meeting you and your charming man.

PS I bought the same mug for myself. Every time I see it I think of the lovely day we spent together :-)


Presépio no Canal said...

Anita :-) I'm waiting for you :-) Veel kusjes!!!

Presépio no Canal said...

foi o unico museu que visitei por dentro :-)

Como ficamos pouco tempo, aproveitamos mais para caminhar e ter uma panoramica geral da cidade. Mas aqui, tinha mesmo de ir.

No post da Yaz, encontras um filme sobre a casa. Acho que o teu marido ia gostar de ver. Ves e ouves o Dr Watson tambem ;-)

Bjs! :-)

Presépio no Canal said...

Yaz, so nice! It's like we having tea together :-) xoxo

Sara said...

Há encontros fantásticos, não há? E às vezes acontecem da forma mais inusitada.
E este Dr. Watson também é um personagem digno de se conhecer. A minha irmã adoraria, fã como é das aventuras do Sherlock Holmes :)


Presépio no Canal said...

Sara, foi muito giro, sim :-) Blogar pode trazer tambem muitos momentos bons a nossa vida. :-)

Bjs! :-)

ana said...

Não tive tempo de visitar mas sou fã de Sherlock Holmes, da atmosera e das histórias. Tenho que voltar e visitar.

Paula Lima said...

Adoro o Sherlock Holmes. Da primeira vez que viajei de avião para fora de Portugal, foi para Londres, decisão tomada há muito tempo atrás.
Claro que a casa do Sherlock (que adoramos lá por casa) estava no plano. Fui a Londres com a minha amiga Isabel (que perdeu a mala para lá e a das prendas - que teve que comprar extra, porque ficou doida com compras - para cá; e eu ri-me!) e depois de irmos à Madame Tussaud fomos a 221b. Não havia as figuras, como pelos vistos há agora, mas pude mexer no chapéu e no cachimbo do Sherlock!
Foi muito bom recordar (andava à procura dos Spandau Ballett e tropecei por aqui)
Bom fim semana

Presépio no Canal said...


:-) Que giro!
Era um desejo antigo visitar a casa do Sherlock Holmes. O meu favorito é o Jeremy Brett.
O link do concerto dos Spandau Ballet
Beijinhos e bom fim-de-semana!
PS: Desculpa a pressa.