Saturday, 19 January 2013

Beautiful Snow also means work, work, work...

This week, it has snowed a lot and the landscape turned really, really gorgeous.

From Neve 2013

However, snow also means a lot of work. It's the other side of the story when everything is so white, beautiful, peaceful and quiet around us.

From Neve 2013

I face these chores as necessary rituals, since I'm not the kind of person who likes or has time for unnecessary complaints. This has to be done, right? So let's do it and take it in the best possible way. ;-)

From Neve 2013

Wednesday was a hard working day outside for me.

Cleaning the car

I started by cleaning our car and I took more time than usual to do it. No big surprise, though, since Tuesday had snowed all day long and the car was completely covered up.

Cleaning the paths in the gardens

After cleaning the car, I started working on the gardens, . I grabbed the heavy and big snow shovel and I began to clean the path between the front door and the frontyard entrance. Something that needs to be done, if we want to avoid damaging the floor downstairs with the snow we bring in. For the same reason, and, specially, because the garbage containers are in the backyard, I also cleaned the path between the living -room door and the backyard's door.

From Neve 2013

Still, there were more tasks to fulfill.

Taking care of the garbage

One of the things I don't like to do when it snows is to bring back the garbage container from the street because our house is at the end of  the backyards corridor. Also very unpleasant is to place the garbage in the proper containers (the plastic, the paper and the overall garbage) when it's very cold outside.

Going to the supermarket or to the vet clinic

In our neighborhood, we don't have convenience stores. I do my shopping at the nearest Albert Heijn supermarket -15 minutes walking distance when the weather is nice. With the snow, I take more time, of course. Generally, I  prepare myself on advance for the snowing days to come, but this time I forgot to buy a couple of things and I needed to go there in spite of the snow. I only did the way to go and then I returned home by bus. However, I also needed to go to the vet clinic to buy Fofinho's medicine and this means half hour walking -  to go and to come back.

At the end of the day

In the evening, I felt that I went through a lot of exercise. My arms were sore with all the work and the left side of my face was burning because of the cold, but I put again my facial protector cream and now I'm ok.

This week I didn't have the opportunity to take a walk just for fun, so the pictures of this post are from our gardens. Nevertheless, in my bus travels to the city center, I could appreciate the frozen lakes and canals.

Have a nice weekend!!!


Margarida Elias said...

A neve é linda, mas acredito que dê trabalho. Vai descansando, com uma chávena de chá para aquecer. Bjns!

Presépio no Canal said...

É só o que apetece, Margarida. Está tanto frio!!

Sami said...

A neve e bonita quando esta tudo branquinho, mas fica tudo feio quando derrete. E realmente da uma trabalheira limpar....lembro quando vivia na Alemanha e tinha-mos q limpar a entrada do predio...

Presépio no Canal said...

Sami, neste momento está a nevar. :-)
Mas está muito, muito frio. Só se está bem em casa, a ver nevar, a fazer poffertjes, bolo de bolacha,...:-) Um programa bem caseirinho! :-)
Bom Domingo!

ana said...

Que fotografias tão bonitas, repousantes e que vontade de brincar na neve.

Presépio no Canal said...

Falta-me a parte do brincar na neve. ;-)) Tem estado tanto, tanto frio, que nem imaginas. Não se pode estar na rua. Era bom que o sol desse um ar da sua graça. Assim acho que já me divertia mais...;-) Tenho de comprar uns patins.