Monday, 14 January 2013

Daphne's Diary

DAPHNE'S DIARY, my favorite Dutch magazine

From Daphne's Diary

Daphne's is not the kind of magazine that we discard after a while and put in the paper container to recycle.Not at all!! For me, it is something more precious that I like to keep for its beauty, quality and interesting and useful articles.

The photos are from the last Christmas/December edition.

From Daphne's Diary

Daphnes' Diary is about wonen (living/decoration), tuinen (gardening), brocante (flea markets), workshops, recepten (recipes), uitjes en reizen (outings and travels), shopping and also creativity and crafting. Daphne's includes in each edition crafting material to make simple things to use in our everyday life.

From Daphne's Diary

This Christmas edition included:

the material to make our own 2013 desk calender...

From Daphne's Diary
From Daphne's Diary

as well as these pretty images to hang on the Christmas tree...

From Daphne's Diary

 these Christmas presents tags...

From Daphne's Diary

and these postcards to send to family and friends...

From Daphne's Diary
Lovely this magazine, don't you think? :-)

From Daphne's Diary

If you are staying at home during these cold and snowing days, enjoy your Daphne's. Prepare a nice cup of tea, cover yourself with your most comfortable blanket, put your favorite music on and relax. Take some quality time for yourself! :-)

Stay well and warm! Have fun!


Margarida Elias said...

Que maravilha! Bjns!

ana said...

Sublinho. :)

Sami said...

Sounds like a wonderful magazine with all those craft things inside. I like the Christmas present tags, they are beautiful.