Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Best of Presépio 2011 (1)

In case you have missed it ;-) 
Have fun! :-)


Photos of this beautiful nature reserve between the cities of Almere and Lelystad in Flevoland.

Zeeuwse Bolus
A Dutch pastry with Portuguese origins.

The medieval city center of Amersfoort in the mist.

From Amersfoort

Vermeer's city and a jazz bar.

Tussen de Pannen
A very special cooking book where you will find dishes from 15 different nationalities in the Almere's Bouwmeesterbuurt neighbourhood.

From Coisas Minhas
Learning Dutch (1)
How Dutch language crossed my way and how I learned my first words.

Learning Dutch (2)
My first adventures with Dutch language. Looking for a house in Almere.


Learning Dutch (3)
My first adventures with Dutch language. Understanding a renting house contract in Dutch.

Kasteel De Haar
A visit to the largest castle of the Netherlands.

Learning Dutch (4)
My first adventures with Dutch language. How to get a renting contract in Dutch.

A Tea in the Garden
A bucolic scenery tea house surrounded by a romantic and nostalgic garden with enchanted corners.

From Eemnes
A Sunset at Boat House
Come and see this very well located restaurant, nice to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.

Learning Dutch (5)
My first adventures with Dutch language. How I dealt with all the official letters in Dutch.

Cristina Branco canta Slauerhoff
The happy meeting between a Portuguese singer and a Dutch poet. To listen carefully.

Learning Dutch (6)
My first adventures with Dutch language. My first experience with Dutch Dutch.

The Life in the City
Pictures of a normal day in Amersfoort.

Best Bibliotheek van Nederland 2010
In Almere, of course ;-) Take a look at the pictures.

From Almere (III)


Bring your pet with you
A very special post where I share with you what I have done to bring my cat with me from Portugal.

Dutch Vintage Postcards
A new love. A new passion.

From Coisas Minhas

Zwolse Balletjes
A typical sweet from the beautiful city of Zwolle. An exquisite offer from my dear Aledys.

From Coisas Minhas

De Negen Straatjes
A walk by this famous shopping district of very cute little stores in Amsterdam with my friend Raquel.

My Mate Experience
How I lived a true Argentinian experience. All the story by Aledys, who moved from Argentina to the Netherlands for love.

De Pijp (Amsterdam)
My outing in this lively bohemian district in Amsterdam.

From De Pijp

The Sarphati Park
Pictures of a park in Amsterdam that takes the name of a Dutch citizen of Portuguese origins.

Bazar Restaurant
Pictures of my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam.

Keukenhof 2011
My pictures of the largest flower park in the world.

How we celebrated Queen's Day in Almere.

A day to celebrate those who lost their lives in the war, specially in World War II. A book that tells us the stories of those who, like Anne Frank, went into hiding during Holocaust.

A Restaurant surrounded by Contemporary Architecture
In Almere Stad, in front of the Weerwater Lake.

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