Thursday, 25 July 2013

Aafje Heynis: "Go to sleep" Bristish Folk Song

Uma pessoa, de manhã, deve logo começar o dia, a fazer más acções.  ;-) Eu já fiz a minha. Roubei este video, descaradamente, ao Arpose. ;-))

Aafje Heynis, uma das mais conhecidas e queridas contraltos holandesas.

Aafje Heynis was born in Krommenie, 1924. On the advice of the conductor of the choral society in her native town she auditioned for the teacher Jo Immink. From 1946 until 1949 it was Aaltje Noordewier-Reddingius who teached her. She then benefited from the eminent oratorio singer Laurens Bogtman. Finally, she studied with the teacher of Kathleen Ferrier, Roy Henderson, who promised her a great future. With the performance in Brahms’ Alto Rhapsody with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under the beaton of Eduard van Beinum, she gained a great success. Heynis’ career consisted of countless concerts in churches, performances of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, B-minor Mass, cantatas, song recitals, spirituals and opera (on rare occasions). She was an eminent interpreter of Brahms, Bach, Händel, Mendelssohn, Mahler, Beethoven, Schubert, Frank Martin, Alphons Diepenbrock, etc. Aafje Heynis worked with a number of renowned conductors such as Eduard van Beinum, Bernard Haitink, Eugen Jochum, Otto Klemperer, Antal Dorati, Igor Marketitch, Erich Kleiber and Charles Munch. She also toured England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, India and Indonesia. The artist was a prolific recording artist and is one of the most beloved singers and vocal teachers in the Netherlands.



APS said...

E fez muito bem..:-))
Bom dia!

Presépio no Canal said...

Claro que fiz muito bem...:-)) Assaltos à mão-armada é comigo. Ai, se o Big Brother lê isto...;-)) Bom dia!