Sunday, 31 January 2010

7 Beautiful Things about Nederlands

Isabella, an american expat living in the Netherlands and the writer of the Blog A Touch of Dutch, has nominated Presépio for the award " Beautiful Blogger".

From Selos Web Atribuídos

I will follow her example and nominate 7 things that I find beautiful in the Netherlands.

1. Postcards

From Coisas Minhas

As you already know, I am a huge fan of Dutch Postcards.

In my country, there isn't such a variety :-(
Sending postcards isn't so usual anymore ...

2. Sinterklaas

From Sinterklaas (II)

This photo is from 2008, when Sinterklaas arrived here in Almere. I like these festivities very much, specially the simplicity of the gifts, the children's joy, the clothes, the songs, the presents boat, Sinterklaas's horse, everything...
You can see here how I lived this occasion.

In Portugal, there is a great pressure to give expensive gifts to the children during Christmas time. I don't like that, I'm sorry. I prefer the simplicity of Sinterklaas. I think Christmas is simplicity too ;-) so, why give so many and expensive gifts, even when the families cannot afford it? I prefer the simple joy of the season...

3. Achtertuin

From Almere (II)

I like my achtertuin.
It is gezellig (agradável) enjoying the sun, specially with friends, during a nice barbecue! Simple and cozy!

Last December... the view of my living room ;-) Love it! Very relaxing!

4. Bredevoort (de boekenstad).

From Bredevoort - Gondelvaart 2009

The town where I find out the concept of Honesty Bookshop.
Please, click on the link to know more about it ;-) A must go! At least for me, because I like to read very much.

5. Efteling

From Efteling

It was a magical experience! A Fairy Tale Day! A must! I think you will agree with me. Please, click here and tell me what you think about it. ;-)
I never went to a Disney Park, but I think I will continue to prefer Efteling...

6. Rondvaart

From Rondvaart

From Rondvaart

Relaxing. A must do. One true Dutch afternoon! The swans following behind the boat, the beautiful backyards...

I like these kind of outdoor activities: rondvaarts, taking care of the achtertuin, walk on the park. It is healthier and funnier!
In Portugal, most people prefer to go to the mall. Strange behaviour in a country known as the garden of Europe...

7. Organization

Family Calendar

From Organização

Birthday Calendar

From Organização


From Organização

Organization is important for me, I must say. And if it could be fun, even better! So, I like to go to Bruna and look for their agendas, home planners, birthday calendars, family calendars. Except for the agendas, I never find out the others in Portugal.

Simplicity, Organization, Outdoor Activities, Ik hou van Nederland! I love Holland!

The rules to this award are as follows:

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Paste the award on your blog.
Link the person who nominated you for the award.
Share 7 things you find beautiful in the Nederlands.
Nominate 7 bloggers or less.

Since almost the blogs that I follow were nominated by Isabella and I am new in the expatblogland , I will nominate only more two, also very good ones.

Just a Plane Ride Away

The Path Untaken

I want to thank you, Isabella, this beautiful challenge that makes us look for the positive experiences that we have been living here in the Netherlands! A positive approach is very important in this kind of challenge! ;-) Dank je wel!

A gift to you all...

Blof and Cristina Branco (portuguese Fado singer)

Dansen aan Zee


A Touch of Dutch said...

I love your choices & the photos are wonderful :-) And you've reminded me that I've never been to Efteling & would love to make a day of this hopefully this year. Have a great week!

Presépio no Canal said...

You too, Isabella!

I just love to answer to this challege! Great idea! Keep going! ;-)

thamarai said...

thank you! thank you! once again!! :D

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oooo, this is a lovely one! Dankjewel, Presepio :-)

Seven beautiful things about Nederlands...

1) The beautiful North Sea coastline. I can't get enough of the dunes!

2) Everything Gezellig--cafes, people's front windows, flower shops, little shops in general... and on and on :-)

3) The friendly Dutch people and their big smiles.

4) The bicycle culture:

5) The Windmills and polders--they are so old world beautiful to me.

6) The canals and arched bridges everywhere.

7) And finally, I love the art here, both in the museums and in public places.

I have never heard of Efteling! I must put that on our places to go before we leave list ;-)


Presépio no Canal said...

Thank you Japra to comment on this ;-)

Above all the mensen (people) here ;-) very friendly and helpul. About the smiles, I agree with you, specially in Den Haag: I received and give so many smiles there, specially this last time. In a general way, I must say the Nederlanders are very helpul. That is my experience.

The dunes in the nOrth Coast Line, me too ;-) in Portugal, we have it too and beautiful ones ;-)

The little shops...Agree!! I just love them too! I wish in my country the small shops were more protected, but with so many malls, is difficult.

And of course the Art! Oh, the painters...:-)

Have a nice day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sandra dear, this was such a fun and informative treat. I am growing fonder and more curious about the Netherlands and thank you for showing me the beautiful, simple and heartfelt beauty of this country. It is all so beautiful! And congratulations on your award!!! Bisous! Anita

~Lopa said...

So many Beautiful Award post around within Expat network, and everyone has their own story.
Really wonderful to read :)

I think by combining all these 7 beautiful things posts from all the expats there can be a nice book on Netherlands :)

Nice Blog :)

Orangesplaash said...

Congrats on the award..I enjoyed reading your points on Nl and I loved the concept pf the honesty bookshop!!

Presépio no Canal said...

Dear Lopa,

Welcome! ;-)

Great ideia! Indeed! We must talk with Isabella!

Thank's for your nice comment!

I must visit you too! But I want to do with attention. Next weekend, it is better for me.

We keep in touch!



Presépio no Canal said...

Anita, you are a dearest.

I must write an email.

Bisous, cherie! I miss our email conversations, dear one, but time...well. This friday, I want to write!
We must run away to France to escape to all the duties ahahah nous irons manger un croissant, faire du shopping, visiter les musees, etc...joie de vivre, ma cherie, joi de vivre!! ;-)

Presépio no Canal said...

Thanks, Orange!
I am glad that you enjoy! ;-) I know that you will like Bredevoort because you like so much to read...;-) As soon as you can, go there, you will enjoy!!