Friday, 29 January 2010

Monsaraz and Evora by Tessa de Loo

Alentejo, south province of Portugal


"Tijdens de tocht langs de Spaanse grens domineren hooggelegen vestingstadjes als Monsarraz het landschap, van waaruit eeuwenlang het gevaar uit het oosten het hoofd moest worden geboden. Wie hier door de smalle straatjes slentert, voortdurend klimmend of dalend, voelt zich wel erg ver weg van de 21e eeuw." (Tessa de Loo)

Tessa de Loo has been also in Alentejo, where she visited Monsaraz, one of the fortress-towns, as she says (vestingstadjes), with an eminent position (hooggelegen) in the landscape (landschap) because of their defensive role nearby the frontier (grens) with Spain.

Monsaraz with its typical little streets (straatjes) where we can have constant up and down strolls, feeling quite far from the 21 st she says and I agree...

I love Monsaraz, for several reasons, it's a very special place for me :-)

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

In Evora, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tessa points out the landmark of the city, the Roman Temple...

" Via Evora, gebouwd rond de resten van een Romeinse tempel..." (Tessa de Loo)

Templo Romano, Evora

From Portugal

"The Roman Temple of Évora (also referred to as the Templo de Diana, after Diana, the ancient Roman goddess of the moon, the hunt, and chastity) is an ancient edifice in the city of Évora, Portugal. The temple is part of the historical centre of the city, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is one of the most famous landmarks of Évora and a symbol of Roman presence in Portuguese territory."

(From Wikipedia)

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Sandra, you spoil me! You always take me on the most enchanting tours of your beautiful homeland....these photos are exceptional and hauntingly beautiful and THANK YOU FOR COMING TO CONGRATULATE ME! WOW! Yes my dearest, I will lift my glass in unison with you for thanks and joy of our friendship and milestones! BISOUS! Anita

A Touch of Dutch said...

Thank you for sharing about this! Monsaraz looks so beautiful in these photos. I hope one day to visit Portugal, and what you share really tempts me ;-) Have a great weekend!

Rosa do Adro said...

Acho graça qd vemos fotos tiradas por outras pessoas de lugares por onde passamos... tenho umas fotografias "iguais" de Monsaraz!!

Aconselho vivamente, é lindo "^_^"

Presépio no Canal said...

Jura?? ;-) Quero ver! Gostaca de ver ;-) Que giro! .-)