Monday, 25 January 2010

"Reizen door Portugal is reizen door het verleden", Tessa de Loo

Portugal: The Oldest European Nation...

"Reizen door Portugal is reizen door het verleden."

(Tessa de Loo, nederlander writer, who has been living in Portugal since the eighties.)

" Viajar por Portugal e viajar pelo passado." diz-nos Tessa de Loo, autora do celebre romance De Tweeling (1993), que vive em Portugal desde os anos oitenta.

Tessa de Loo tells us about her trip in the south of Portugal in Byblos Reizen.

Tessa was in the magical town of Sintra, nearby Lisbon...

"In Sintra herinneren paleizen en quinta’s temidden van weelderige parken en tuinen eraan dat hier ooit de zomerresidentie van de koningen en de adel was."

Tessa de Loo comeca por nos falar de Sintra, dos seus palacios (paleizen) e quintas, rodeados por luxuriantes (weelderige) parques (parken) e jardins (tuinen), onde os reis (koningen) e a nobreza (adel) se alojavam no Verao.

Let me show you what she is talking about...

1.Palacio Nacional de Sintra/ National Palace of Sintra

The only surviving palace of the Middle Ages and Royal Residence for more than six centuries.

From Portugal

Click on the links below to see the beautiful fotos of the rooms:

Sala dos Cisnes;
Sala das Pegas;
Sala Arabe;
Sala dos Brasoes;
Quarto D. Afonso VI;
Capela Palatina;

and, of course, the exquisite tiles of the Palace...

So, did you like the fotos? What is your favourite room? Did you notice the Arabic influence in the tiles? :-)
Have you ever been in this Palace? How was your experience? If so, please tells us about ;-)

2.Palacio de Monserrate e os seus jardins luxuriantes/ Monserrate Palace and Gardens

"It was built in 1858 for Sir Francis Cook, an English baronet created visconde de Monserrate by King Luís. Monserrate turned to an English architect, James Knowles Jr., for designs. Though its Moghul-inspired details are unique in Portugal, its eclecticism is a fine example of the Sintra Romanticism."

(From Wikipedia)

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

The Monserrate Palace was visited by Lord Byron, an english poet of the 19th century.
He was there in 1809 as you can read in his poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage".

Please, click here to watch some slides about this magnificent Palace.

(to be continued)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sandra, this is exquisite. I had heard from a traveling friend that Portugal has the most beautiful gardens that she has ever seen in Europe...I must give this tour all of my time; at the moment I am in between doing several things at once! Not good! But, I will come back to savor the beauty of each link that you have so generously provided!!!! MERCI! Anita

Luisa said...


Temos coisas muito bonitas! Tenho que revisitar Sintra



Orangesplaash said...

This is lovely..Coming from the land of Palaces myself, I am always fascinated by them..the architecture and style is so different from each other. I felt the same when exploring palaces in Italy too!! Thanks for sharing the links Sandra..

Rosa do Adro said...

Olá Olá!!

Já fui a Sintra inumeras vezes e nunca consegui ver tudo... Conheço o Palácio da Pena, O Castelo dos Mouros, Moserrate e pouco mais. O Palácio Nacional está nos meus planos mas ainda não calhou :(

Obrigado pelos links, deu para "alimentar" a cultura geral e relembrar algumas coisas que vão ficando esquecidas.

Gostei muito deste post.

Beijos ^_^

Presépio no Canal said...

Rosa :0) Tenho sempre essa sensacao...;) acrescenta Seteais, a Regaleira, o Museu do Brinquedo, o Convento dos Capuchos, as Praias, a Peninha, ...
Pena ser um local tao caro, sempre se pensava numas ferias de um, as Azenhas do Mar, lindo, lindo, (suspiro)

Unknown said...

I'ver heard that Portugal has some beautiful fortresses and palaces to visit and now I can be 100% sure it's true. :o)
I love the moorish influence, beautiful tiles!!! And the gardens!!! Wow...!